Asscher-cut diamond: the hottest new trend


Famous asscher-cut diamond: the hottest new trend 

The asscher-cut diamond remains as a reminding of the old world of glamour, but in a modern interpretation. And if several years ago it was almost forgotten, now it is the hottest new trend and it goes through its rebirth. Being a true representative of the trap cut with the truncated corners and octangular contour, the asscher-cut diamond looks harmonically in the vintage jewelries and in the jewelries in the manner of “art-deco”.

2.00ct Asscher-cut Diamond Engagement ring in Platinum
2.00ct Asscher-cut Diamond Engagement ring in Platinum

For more than a hundred years, the asscher-cut diamonds feel themselves quite comfortable in the jewelries of “neoclassical” style, creating in the light the effect of a “mirror-hall”. The elegant simplicity of the modern settings, and also their pure lines become as a beautiful addition to the old style chic of the asscher-cut diamonds.

What are the asscher-cut diamonds?

The asscher-cut diamond – it is a fusion of several styles in one. It is necessary to remember, that this processing is a variation of “Emerald” and “Radiant”. And the square form reminds the “Princess” cut, only with the truncated corners. The peculiarity of this cut is a big number of layers. Herewith, it can be formed 58 facets on the diamond. And to receive the empress asscher-cut diamond, it can be cut 74 facets.

Three-stone engagement ring with center 1.50ct Asscher-cut Diamond and two trapezoids Diamonds crafted in 18k White Gold
Three-stone engagement ring with center 1.50ct Asscher-cut Diamond and two trapezoids Diamonds crafted in 18k White Gold

The big open facets – it is a distinctive feature of finishing. For this reason, there are special requirements to the clearness and dimensions of the diamond for this cutting. And the jeweler must to have experience. As, it is necessary to keep a strict correlation of characteristics. The length, width, height of the brilliant and of many other its parameters for creation of the asscher-stone.

The big open facets – it is a distinctive feature of finishing

The big facets are the big advantage, which give to the stone a majestic look. However, it is necessary to take for it the perfect diamond. Without the slightest defects, which in this case cannot be hidden. That is why this cut is so spectacular, but also quite expensive.

Asscher-cut diamond in the jewelries

A stone with such cutting is really majestic, if it is taken a sufficiently large diamond of the highest quality for processing. Such was the semi-finished product for the creation of the famous Krupp diamond, with the weight in 33,19 karat. Nowadays it’s name is a brilliant of Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton bought in 1968 for the actress the asscher-cut diamond engage ring. She wore the jewelry, almost without removing, moreover, she called it the most beloved “for the amazing sense of beauty.”

1.25ct Asscher-cut Diamond Engagement ring in 18k Yellow Gold
1.25ct Asscher-cut Diamond Engagement ring in 18k Yellow Gold

And nowadays the asscher-cut diamond engagement rings decorate the fingers of the Hollywood stars. That’s why, if you want to impress your future wife, then the 4 carat asscher-cut diamond ring, presented to her on the day of engagement, will play the main role. Surely, this jewelry will be suitable to any cloths, in the different life situations.

Especially attract the asscher-cut diamond earrings

Especially attract the asscher-cut diamond earrings. Often they are made in art-deco style. They combine the out-of-date charm and glaring brilliants, received thanks to the modern cutting technologies. They will always look glamorous and luxuriously on their owner. Having the weighty sizes, the asscher-stones will shine magnificently in the ears of ladies. The set with 4 carat asscher-cut diamond ring, which goes in a couple with the asscher- -cut diamond earrings will make your couple charming. It is stylish, fashionable and definitely beautiful.

A representative of the fair sex looks moderately, but elegantly in the jewelries with the asscher-cut sapphire. The modern technologies allow to create a real magic. Where the earrings, rings, pendants, encrusted with the asscher-cut sapphire turn them into a piece of art. Which decorates, emphasizes the status, provokes the delight of others.

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