Engagement Ring

How Much Money Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Wedding traditions change with each generation, and that includes the traditions for buying an engagement ring. Engagement rings didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the 1940s, and even then, they were not always thought of as necessary for a marriage proposal. Today, most couples consider the ring to be an important part of their journey together.
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Centenary Diamond

World’s Most Famous Diamonds

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Romantic lovely heart design halo setting 18k white and yellow gold ring with 1.30ct diamonds KR12474XD400

How to Sell Jewelry to a Trusted Dealer

If you are looking for a perfect guide that will help you sell your jewelry to a trusted dealer, then you have come to the right place! Selling jewelry could be a tedious task and with so many options, one is bound to get confused and choose the right way to sell jewelry in the most beneficial way. It doesn’t matter if you have a piece of platinum or gold jewelry, diamond jewelry or precious watches, but we, at Diamond Source NYC can provide valuable resources for you to get the best deal for your jewelry. Also, we are a great buyer of jewelry and watch too, and will assure you to provide the best price in the industry for your valuables.
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Magnificent GIA certified Platinum Wedding Set with 2.16ct. of Diamonds ENG-44290

Wedding Bands: The History of Wedding Bands and its Significance

Weddings Bands – only a piece of jewelry?

Most people have never questioned the significance of the Wedding Bands and they are only considered to be a piece of jewelry. The costlier they are, the more love, it seems, is between the couple, but it is not always true. In this age, where marriages are meant to stay forever, one should know the significance of wedding bands. It is believed some 5000 years ago, the Egyptians used the rushes and reeds, twisted and braided them together into rings to be worn by women. The circle for the Egyptians and many other ancient cultures was a symbol of eternity with no beginning or end. The hole in the center was considered to be the door or a gateway leading to things or events known and unknown.
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Cocktail ring with 3.80ct. of Total Diamond Weight ALR-14321_YG

The Diamond Story

Every gemstone has a story that follows it from the extraction phase to how it is evolved to become precious and exquisite. We, at Diamond Source NYC, follow the precious stone right from the extraction and make it special on your ring.They say that a diamond is forever, and the ring that you might be wearing right now might have come from a distant land and processed after following a series of steps. Diamond is considered as one of the most precious and rare materials that is found on our planet. Made of carbon, in its purest form, every piece of diamond follows a remarkable history of how it is turned to the natural marvel. After witnessing extreme pressure and heat, the pieces of carbon and formed into precious diamond crystals.

The Story of your Diamond Ring

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18kt Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band RN-5700

Types of Wedding Rings

When it comes to seizing the day, there is nothing like an unforgettable diamond ring that will stay with her for as long as forever. The union of two souls should be depicted in the most romantic way as it is your one big day, and you should leave no stones unturned in order to make it a memorable one. Bring a smile on her face by presenting her a wedding ring that she would love to flaunt in front of all her friends.If you are looking forward to buy a diamond ring for the one you love, then you have come to the right place. Before placing an order, why not learn the major type of wedding rings that dominates the market so that you can pick the most preferred ring for her.

Different types of wedding rings:

Solitaire Rings

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Earrings with garnet

Garnet is a January Birthstone

What is the History of Garnet Jewelry? 

In case you’re searching for a present for a special person born in January, the lovely garnet is your go-to. This old gemstone was once believed to give unceasing satisfaction, wellbeing, and good luck to the individuals who wear it. Less mysteriously, it’s known as the “Gem of Faith” and seen as an image of pure friendship. Notwithstanding what you trust, garnet makes an extraordinary present for those conceived in January or for anybody you love and cherish. Garnets have reasonable for good durability, making them sturdy enough for all adornments styles as long as they are treated with the best possible consideration. Garnets ought not be exposed to any hard blows or rough wear. 

The garnet stone is most utilized in these jewelry types: 

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Amazing 18k White Gold Engagement Ring with 4.21ct. Diamonds

Engagement Rings

When an individual needs to propose marriage to someone else, the person presents to the planned a engage ring. It can be of different ring styles and in variety of metals: white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, etc. Typically a diamond, as a physical symbol of the promise of marriage, genuine love, and a long and happy coexistence – that is an engagement rings.

Regardless of whether you’re wanting to engage soon, thinking far into the future or simply like looking at wonderful engage rings. It’s never too soon to design the wedding band you had always wanted.

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Garnet is Aquarius Zodiac Stone

Garnet is Aquarius Zodiac Stone ♒️

Garnet is Aquarius Zodiac Stone

Those who think that stones are cold and useless part of nature are deeply mistaken. Everything that surrounds us in this world has its own meaning. When we are talking about stones, then their importance for human is difficult to overestimate. Nature has endowed with powerful energy even the most common stones. The confirmation of this is mean to be those incredible feelings that arise if elementary lean against a boulder. And don’t even ask about the Zodiac stones?

Garnet is called so in the name of garnet fruit

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Three-stone Platinum engagement ring with 1.00ct Center Round Diamond ENG-25000

Three-stone Engagement Ring is a choice inspired by love 💍💎💎💎

Three-stone Engagement Ring is a choice inspired by love

Three-stone Engagement Ring is a choice inspired by love. Engagement is not only the most romantic event in the life of couple in love. It is also the period of the beginning of preparation for the future wedding – the end of the carefree life, when you had to answer only for yourself. And if the wedding celebration is the event for all loved ones, then the engagement is deeply intimate event. The young man makes a proposal of marriage to the beloved one, opens his soul to her, makes the confession of love and declares that he wants to spend his whole life with her. The best final of this event will be putting on the finger of beloved girl of the engagement ring.

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Stunning 18k white gold earrings with white and yellow diamond NE-172205

Fancy Yellow Diamonds, sparkling like rays of the sun 💎☀️

Fancy Yellow Diamonds, sparkling like rays of the sun.

Not many people can resist the sunshine of fancy yellow diamonds. Diamonds are rightly called the most magnificent stones of existing on our planet. They delight us with the richness of natural shades, which varies from utterly transparent to deep black. Therefore, some connoisseurs are fans of pink or red diamonds, while others prefer blue or green.  

Nature needs thousands, maybe millions of years, to reproduce a yellow diamond. It is born deep in the bowels of the Earth’s crust. It is required a stable high temperature with constant high pressure for its formation. The presence of these factors contributes to the birth of “solar miracle”, which is called the yellow diamond. Moreover,

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Stunning Halo Engagement Ring With Center 1.35ct. Round Diamond RN-173500

Halo Engagement Ring – The Object of Global Adoration

Halo Engagement Ring – The Object of Global Adoration

The presentation of a beautiful little ring with the proposal of the hand and heart has become a good tradition. The history of this touching tradition goes back centuries. It is said that its beginning was laid by the Austrian Archduke Maximilian in 1477. He loved the Duchess Maria of Burgundy very much and wanted her consent to marry. However, he was worried that an aristocrat of Franco-Belgian descent might prefer another man. That’s why he presented his darling an original piece of jewelry with the invitation to create a family. It is quite natural that the woman could not resist looking at the golden ring with the letter “M” lined with diamonds, which symbolizes the names of young people. She, of course, gave her consent.

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