May birthstone – green emerald

The fact that the gemstones are not only an ornament, but also have an impact on health and even on the fate of a person – a proven fact. We are connected with this world by a set of threads. Even on the mental and astral levels there are close interweaving with gems. In addition, it is precisely established that the energy of the precious mineral varies depending on the month of the year. Therefore, a diamond is an April birthstone. A pearl belongs to the group of June birthstones.

18k White Gold Cocktail GIA Certified Ring with 3.37ct Emerald

Therefore, a diamond is an April birthstone

And now, spring comes into its own. The leaves are coming out; juicy, bright green grass rises, and the sun not only shines, but also pleasantly warms. Spring! May enters into its possession, instead of the outgoing April. The time of April birthstone – the excellent diamond – is ending. And if you take into account the general trends in nature, it is quite clear that May birthstone is considered to be an emerald. Next June birthstone will be pearl. It is wonderful; it creates magic, pleasing the eye with its unique radiance and exciting heart with unmatched beauty.

Emerald surprises people over many centuries

Emerald surprises people over many centuries. Each representative of the fair sex, once seeing this gem, became its admirer. Moreover, there is a belief that this amazing May birthstone brings good luck, happiness and well-being, protects chastity. Often, people use it as a talisman that protects against misfortunes, sorrows and troubles, as well as from addictions and evil spells.

May birthstone brings good luck

The presence of the emeralds contributes to the victory of the owner in any endeavors. It will help to preserve love and becomes even brighter when this feeling inflames more and more between two hearts. However, if the vow of love and loyalty to the bride and groom is broken, the gem may simply break up, unable to withstand such a negative. Playing an important role in life of lovers, emerald – remains one of the most sought gems after precious jewelry for a young bride. Beautiful May is considered not only the heyday of love, but also the month of amazing May birthstone, its guardian and keeper.

Emerald Earrings 18kt white gold with 6.14ct emerald stones and 13.04ct white diamonds EAR16000

About the peculiarities of green emerald

The gem is formed deeply in the bowels of the Earth. The main condition for its birth is a long-term effect on the deep bedrock of high temperature water. In this case, there should be a high pressure of it. Green emerald is a transparent variety of beryl. The presence of chromium or vanadium oxide impurities in it gives this inimitable color of juicy grass.

Green emerald is a transparent variety of beryl

But, it should be noted that the crystal, in most cases, has some defects. These can be cracks, streaks, blotches and chips. Depending on the particular features, there are for example, Brazilian semi-precious stones distinguished by a bluish tinge. The Colombian green emerald is distinguished by a typical blotch that resembles a six-spoke wheel. The composition of the inclusions, the level of transparency, hardness and other qualities have European stones.

Emerald in jewelry

Green emerald of uniform, rich and thick color, weighing from 5 carats is valued even higher than some diamonds. A nice feature of jewelry with this gem is the appropriateness of its presence in the daily look and evening dress. It suits well to many fabrics and colors in clothes. Products with May birthstone admire people for more than one millennium, but the demand for them only grows.

18kt white gold diamond and emerald bracelet BR-16000

Products with May birthstone admire people for more than one millennium

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A pearl belongs to the group of June birthstones

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