Stunning Halo Engagement Ring With Center 1.35ct. Round Diamond RN-173500

Halo Engagement Ring – The Object of Global Adoration

Halo Engagement Ring – The Object of Global Adoration

The presentation of a beautiful little ring with the proposal of the hand and heart has become a good tradition. The history of this touching tradition goes back centuries. It is said that its beginning was laid by the Austrian Archduke Maximilian in 1477. He loved the Duchess Maria of Burgundy very much and wanted her consent to marry. However, he was worried that an aristocrat of Franco-Belgian descent might prefer another man. That’s why he presented his darling an original piece of jewelry with the invitation to create a family. It is quite natural that the woman could not resist looking at the golden ring with the letter “M” lined with diamonds, which symbolizes the names of young people. She, of course, gave her consent.

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Beautiful 18K white gold diamond long earrings EAR-172048

Diamond Earrings are the Jewelry of Your Dreams

Diamond Earrings are the jewelry of your dreams

Nowadays it is difficult to be fashionable if not to say that this is not given to everyone. There are so many different nuances that you need to spend a lot of time and money to stay in trend. Fashion is in constant dynamics, thanks to designers that find something new every day. The jewelers creating the unique collections for each next season are not far behind the general trends. Diamond earrings are one of the priorities of their work. However, today there is an opinion that chasing after a fashion is no longer fashionable. It is much more important to find your style, which will help to remain itself over the years. Diamond Source NYC will undoubtedly come to help.

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White Gold Diamond Bracelet MEM-25000

Diamond Bracelet – Love Forever

Diamond Bracelet – love forever

Diamond Bracelet – is grace and brilliance, which can’t leave indifferent any of the fair sex. It is one of the most exquisite jewelry. According to the historians’ claims, bracelets appeared in the Stone Age. Originally, leather and fur were used for their producing. Metal accessories appeared with the production development. Bronze was especially popular in the medieval period. However, the time went on, and jewelers learned how to create luxury diamond bracelets. Which still strike with their preciosity. It is difficult to find a girl who wouldn’t fall in love from the first sight with this miracle.

For your loved ones

If you want to make a luxurious present to your lady, then Diamond Source NYC will strike You with the variety of presented models. Each diamond bracelet is absolutely irreproachable.

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Fancy Brown Diamonds

Fancy Brown Diamonds – the most luxury diamonds 💎

FancyBrown Diamonds – the most luxury jewelry and a good investment

Brown Diamonds today are also called cognac because of the tone which is pretty to look at, reminding a noble drink color.

Color Diamonds are simply amazing, that is why they can decorate any collection. Besides, buying jewelry with Fancy Brown Diamonds is the most benefit investment nowadays. Australian government is planning to close the Argyle diamond mine in Australia in nearest future. It is one of three places on the planet where they mines brown diamonds. More than a half of these precious gems are from there. Unfortunately, its reserves are exhausting. It points to the fact that a shortage in the market is expected. And where there is a shortage – there is always a high price.

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Stunning 14k white gold purple amethyst and diamond cocktail ring RN-456400

Amethyst – imperial gem of February!

Amethyst – imperial gem of February

For many centuries, mystical amethyst continues fascinating with attracting tints of purple. Ornamental stones of shining lilac tone fascinate. It is difficult to shift glance from the sensual dark-purple. The gem is perceived as a symbol of spirituality. It can present peace, wisdom, and also a sense of security.

Did you know that «amethyst» means «sober»?

Unambiguous name of the mineral. It comes from the Greek. In translation «amethyst» means «sober». In mythology of Ancient Greece the ornamental stones are given the property to keep the owner from the «poisoning force» of Dionysus, the Roman god of wine making. Legend has it that the one, wearing jewelry with a gem, always stayed with a clear mind.

Amethyst was used as decoration for the richest and most powerful rulers and monarchs.

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Beautiful 18K white gold 8.31CT Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine – gemstone of March ♓️

Magic Aquamarine: March birthstone

Ornamental stones attract people’s attention for many centuries. They lure by their extraordinary beauty and mystery. Since the dawn of time astrologers used their magic properties. And today astrologers and esoterics cannot work without them. According to the prevailing opinion, each Zodiac sign has its own lucky gem. For those who were born in March, this is a wonderful aquamarine. It got its name because of being similar to solidified sea water, which is translated from the Latin as «sea water». The gem has the color of the limitless ocean, it has been a faithful companion of seafarers since ancient times.

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Ring Engagement 14k White Gold with 1.00ct Diamonds RIN-7500

Sidestone Engagement ring: perfect jewelry for all times

Sidestone Engagement ring: perfect jewelry for all times

Glamor is always in fashion. And a fairer sex never forgets about it. That is why among different rings shining on ladies’ fingers jewelry given to loved ones. On the day when he offered his hand and heart occupies a special place. Often it becomes the first among diamond jewelry or other ornamental stones in the girl’s collection. However, this unique example is perfectly combined with other jewelries. At the same time, it looks harmonious as an independent jewelry

If you decided to buy jewelry you will see that engagement rings are becoming more popular. Among the huge number of variants, you can find at Diamond Source NYC website, engagement rings are becoming more popular. Initially symbolizing the beginning of family relationships, they are elegant and gentle. Being a traditional jewelry, it can appeal an explosion of delight in the girl for whom it is intended.

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Beautiful Color Stone Cocktail Ring with center Ruby and side Diamonds NE-175000

Gemstone Engagement ring: brilliance, pleasing the heart!

Gemstone Engagement ring: brilliance, pleasing the heart

To make an offer of marriage to your beloved is not an easy task. It can be equated with the transition to a completely different reality. And to someone it seems equivalent to a jump from a high cliff. That is why even the most brutal man feels insecure around the marvelous shop window with the shining rings, which today, as well as long time ago, are the most popular present for a girl during an engagement.

There is a single traditional design of this jewelry, symbolizing boundless love and tenderness. The classic option is Gemstone Engagement ring. Diamonds are more often used for inlay. However, “more often” does not mean “always.” And if this is your point of view, then just for you Diamond Source NYC presents unique jewelry with irresistible sapphires or regal rubies. We will help you to find such a Gemstone Engagement ring, a look at which will evoke delight and admiration of your beloved woman.

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White Gold Diamond Earrings EAR-171700

Diamond Hoops Earrings: jewelry outside fashion and timeless

Diamond Hoops Earrings: jewelry outside fashion and timeless

Diamonds are the best friends of the fair sex and it’s time proved. They always remain an unsurpassed gift that will make a jewelry box really precious. Diamonds are a profitable investment: both in relations with your beloved half, and in literally sense of the word. Diamond Hoop Earrings is the dream of many ladies. Embodied into reality, it charms the owner with the beauty and brilliance of gems, with a sense of delight from owning such magnificence.

It is not a simple matter to choose them and you should act responsibly. Diamond Source NYC is always ready to come to the rescue and help to choose Diamond Hoops Earrings, which are ideally suited for the future owner. In addition, making Custom Jewelry, our craftsmen will be able to realize a unique jewel that will emphasize the status of their mistress and her beauty. Putting on such Hoops, each lady somehow finds herself in a fairy tale where she turns into a queen.

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14kt White Gold Solitaire With halo of 2.31ct diamonds NEC-21500

Diamond pendant: impressive detail of a flawless look

Diamond pendant: impressive detail of a flawless look

Any image is created with the help of separate details that fit the style, complementing one another. In most cases it is impossible to be without chain with pendent. For example, a laconic classic is perfect for a business suit. And for going out a stylish solitaire diamond pendant will be irreplaceable. It is the embodiment of femininity and sophistication, luxury and aristocracy. This is the dream of every girl who knows a lot about precious jewelry. And Diamond Source NYC will help to make it come true. We offer our customers diamond pendants of inexpressible beauty in a huge assortment. Even the most sophisticated of them will be able to pick up the wonderful creation of jewelers, which by hundreds of diamond rays will emphasize the elegance and beauty of the female neck and décolleté. We are also ready to make custom diamond pendant, making your dreams come true.

Halo diamond pendant: give your beloved the sense of care

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Ruby Bracelet 18k white gold with 13.96ct white diamonds and 7.85ct ruby stones BRA-2020

How to care for white gold jewelry

How to care for white gold jewelry

Before you start reading about the methods of White Gold Care, let’s talk about what white gold is and how it differs from traditional gold. Firstly we will note, that gold in a pure form unfits for jewelry making, as it is one of the most soft, and at the same time heavy metals, cause of its high density. The jewelries made of it will be fragile, short-life and too expensive. That’s why the certain alloys includes other metals to the gold.

Few words about white gold

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18k White Gold Cocktail GIA Certified Ring with 3.37ct Emerald

May birthstone – green emerald

May birthstone – green emerald

The fact that the gemstones are not only an ornament, but also have an impact on health and even on the fate of a person – a proven fact. We are connected with this world by a set of threads. Even on the mental and astral levels there are close interweaving with gems. In addition, it is precisely established that the energy of the precious mineral varies depending on the month of the year. Therefore, a diamond is an April birthstone. A pearl belongs to the group of June birthstones.

Therefore, a diamond is an April birthstone

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