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White natural diamonds are a miracle of nature 💎💎💎

White Natural Diamond

White natural diamonds are a miracle of nature with amazing shine. As the saying goes: ‘Diamonds are the best friends of girls.’ In Heart of Manhattan!

Types of Wedding Rings

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When it comes to seizing the day, there is nothing like an unforgettable diamond ring that will stay with her for as long as forever. The union of two souls should be depicted in the most romantic way as it is your one big day, and you should leave no stones unturned in order to […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Diamond Source Ladies 18kt Earrings blossom collection with 3.00ct.w color stone and 1.00ct.w diamonds hand crafted EAR-1500

With Valentine’s Day knocking your doorsteps, it is high-time when you should come up with a romantic Valentine’s Day Gift for the one you love. They say that diamonds are forever; they are not only a girl’s best friend but are widely used to depict the eternal beauty of love. When it comes to the […]

Christmas Jewelry: Celebrate the Holidays in Style with Diamond Source NYC

Christmas Jewelry: Celebrate the Holidays in Style with Diamond Source NYC

With the holiday season just around the corner, it becomes an essential choice to update your jewelry collection with an alluring addition of exquisite jewelry that will stay with you forever. If you are looking to treat yourself with some intricately designed diamond jewelry or would like to buy a holiday gift for your loved […]

The Diamond Story

diamond source NYC-RN-40000-2

Every gemstone has a story that follows it from the extraction phase to how it is evolved to become precious and exquisite. We, at Diamond Source NYC, follow the precious stone right from the extraction and make it special on your ring. They say that a diamond is forever, and the ring that you might […]

World’s Most Famous Diamonds

World’s Most Famous Diamonds

Diamonds are forever. We all have heard and read this phrase. There are many kinds of different diamonds that ranges from precious to rare. Not only that – diamonds have played a crucial role in the making of our history. Diamonds have symbolised love, broken promises and wars, for people have fought and loved to […]