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14kt white gold diamond baguette bracelet 2.50ct diamonds BRA-171510
14kt white gold diamond baguette bracelet 2.00ct diamonds BRA-171300
14kt white gold diamond channel bracelet 4.00ct diamonds BRA-4562000
14kt white gold diamond tennis bracelet 3.50ct diamonds BRA-10500
14kt white gold diamond bracelet 3.11ct diamonds BRA-171900
14kt white gold diamond bracelet 8.00ct diamonds B-174383
18kt white gold diamond bracelet 2.75ct diamonds CT-5292
14kt white gold diamond bracelet 13.00ct diamonds BRA-40875
14kt white gold diamond bracelet 15.00ct diamonds BRA-65000
14kt white gold diamond and sapphire bracelet BRA-23500
14kt white gold diamond bracelet 4.00ct diamonds B-4562000
14kt white gold X diamond bracelet BRA-6000
14kt white gold diamond and ruby bracelet BRA-4250
14kt white gold diamond and ruby bracelet BRA-14500
18kt white gold diamond and emerald bracelet BR-16000
14kt yellow gold diamond bracelet 4.84ct in diamonds BRA-172711
14kt white gold diamond and ruby bracelet BRA-172100
Gorgeous 14k white gold diamond and sapphire bracelet BR-20000

54 results

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Are Gold Bracelets in Style?

Gold bracelets, among other types of jewelry, never go out of style. Though the style of bracelets differs depending on the places and times in history these were made, bracelets regularly available in jewelry stores in New York, for instance, can match any piece of contemporary clothing. Gold bracelets with understated designs can match formal wear, while bracelets with more intricate designs with brilliant diamonds complement your evening or gala wear.

Can Gold Bracelets Be Resized?

Diamond Source NYC is always committed to providing the best customer experience. Should the unfortunate event that the gold bracelet you purchased or gifted not fit the intended recipient, you may return the gold bracelet to us for resizing. Call us at (888) 342-9949 for details on how the resizing process works.

What Do Gold Bracelets Symbolize?

Traditionally, bracelets have been worn to guard against evil spirits. Gold bracelets, like wedding rings, also represent marital status. Nowadays, gold bracelets serve as a fashion accessory. A well-designed gold bracelet, such as those available in our store, is the perfect accessory for most occasions and coordinate well with any attire.

Can I Wear a Gold Bracelet Daily?

Gold can scratch easily, especially if the gold in your bracelet is 14 karats. You can wear your gold bracelet whenever as long as you take proper care of it. You can wear your gold bracelet daily but make sure to remove it before working with heavy tools or engaging in strenuous activity that may scratch your bracelet.  Also take care not to flaunt your jewelry in dangerous places.

Do Gold Bracelets Hold Their Value?

The gold in your bracelet has an inherent value that performs better than cash. Since the end of the Bretton Woods System and the Gold Standard in 1971, the price of gold increased thirty times until it peaked in 2012. The uptrend in the price of gold has since tapered off. However, it at least outstripped the loss of the dollar's value for the same period better than diamonds have. However, the price of gold gained an uptrend despite the pandemic, topping at $2,000 per oz by July 2020. Gold, after all, has high liquidity, can be sold anywhere in the world at a fair price and has a steady demand beyond jewelry. Moreover, if your bracelet has intricate designs or is made by one of the most reputable jewelers, it will hold its value even better.