Rolex Black Watches For Sale

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Rolex Air-King 116900
Rolex Explorer Black Dial Domed Bezel Oyster Bracelet Mens Watch 214270-0003
Rolex Sea-Dweller, 44mm, Stainless Steel, Black Dial, 116660
Rolex Sky Dweller Black Arabic Dial GMT 18k White Gold Mens Watch 326939BA
Rolex Datejust II Black Dial Stainless Steel Fluted bezel Mens Watch 116334BKRO
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 18k White Gold, Black Dial, Oyster bracelet 116509-0055
Rolex Yacht-Master 40, 18k Rose Gold, Black dial, Oysterflex Bracelet, Automatic, Unisex Watch 126655-0002
Rolex GMT-Master II, 40mm, Stainless Steel, Black Dial, 116710LN
Rolex GMT-Master II, Coke, 40mm, Stainless Steel, Black Dial, 16760
Rolex Submariner Date 40mm Stainless Steel, Black Dial, 16610
Rolex Datejust 41, 18k Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel, Black Diamond Dial, 126303
Rolex Day-Date, 36mm, Presidential, Black Diamond Dial, 1803
Rolex Submariner Date, 16613
Rolex Yacht-Master 40, Steel and Rose Gold, Black dial, Oyster Bracelet, Automatic, Unisex Watch 126621-0002
Rolex Deepsea 126660
Rolex Submariner Date 40mm Stainless Steel with Black Dial, 16610
Rolex Sky-Dweller Automatic Men's 18kt White Gold Black Dial Oyster Watch 326934-0005
Rolex Yacht-Master 37, Steel and 18k Everose Gold, Black dial,  268621-0004
Rolex Daytona Rainbow, Black dial, Diamond Bezel, Oyster bracelet, White gold Watch 116599 RBOW
Men's Rolex Yacht-master 40mm 18k Everose Gold w/ Black Bezel 116655-0002
Pre-owned Rolex Sea-Dweller 40mm, Stainless Steel, Black dial, 16600
Rolex Datejust 31, Black mother-of-pearl dial, 178384-0019
Rolex Datejust 31, Black dial, Diamonds bezel, Jubilee Stainless Steel bracelet, 178384-0031
Rolex Submariner Date, 40mm, Reference #16803
Rolex Submariner Date Kermit Stainless Steel Black Dial 16610LV
Rolex Submariner Date Stainless Steel w/ Black Dial & Rotatable Bezel 16610
Rolex Sea-Dweller Two-tone Black Dial 126603-0001
Rolex Sky-Dweller Black Dial Automatic 18kt Yellow Gold Watch 326938-0004
Rolex Sky-Dweller Black Dial Automatic 18kt Yellow Gold Leather Strap 326138-0008
Rolex Daytona Rainbow 116595RBOW
Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Black Dial Stainless Steel, 126710blro-0001
Rolex GMT-Master II 40mm Root Beer Black Dial Oyster Bracelet 18k Rose Gold Watch 126715chnr-0001
Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer Two Tone Black Dial Ref 126711chnr-0002
Rolex Datejust 31mm Black dial, Fluted Bezel, Steel and Yellow Gold Oyster Bracelet, 178273 bkio
Rolex Datejust 31mm Black dial, Fluted Bezel, Steel and Yellow Gold Jubilee Bracelet, 178273 bkij
Rolex Datejust 31mm Black dial, Smooth Bezel, Steel and Yellow Gold Oyster Bracelet, 178243 bkio
158 results

Black Rolex Watches For Sale

Are you curious about black Rolex watches? Well, you are not alone. Black is a timeless color and a must for every wardrobe. It is a color that is versatile as much as it is sophisticated, so it is no wonder that a lot of the most beautiful watch designs are centered on the color black. Most black Rolex watches use the black dial to offer a look that is elegant and stands out, while others also incorporate a Rolex black bezel for a finite look.

On a Rolex with black face, the black dial is infused with the classy features of a single or two-toned design to produce a more stylish watch that will turn heads at any occasion. You will constantly find black Rolex watches for sale, as the black dials mean they are an impeccable choice for most fashion statements. Let’s take you on a journey of some Rolex black watches.

Black Rolex Submariner 

One of the most iconic black Rolex watches for sale, the Submariner is synonymous with the black dial. From inception, the black dial has been a strong feature of the Rolex submariner. Even though there are other dial options for the watch, none comes close to the black dial submariner. Being a watch designed for divers, the black dial was the perfect option to allow divers read time with ease while they swam deep in the oceans.

Making its debut in the 1950s, the Rolex submariner was astonishingly waterproof for up to 100 meters. The submariner with black dial has seen lots of adjustments over the years, providing many options for different tastes. There is also a black Rolex submariner date, which is a significant variation of the black dial submariner featuring a date display at the 3 o’clock hour marker. Currently, the submariners are waterproof for up to 300 meters and enforce precise timing with a unidirectional bezel. Today, a black Rolex submariner price starts from $11,000 and prices range higher for preowned options depending on its availability in the market.

Rolex Black Daytona

For a sports watch, the Daytona sure knows how to stand out. Aiming to be the crucial timing tool for endurance racers, this black face Rolex Daytona Cosmograph constantly transcends time. As a newer version, the ref. 116500 features a black dial, 18 ct gold hour markers and its hands are infused with a Chroma light display. Prominent on the dials are the counters that take precise seconds, hours and minutes. This stunning dial is blended with oystersteel and topped with a black cerachrom bezel to form a perfect finish of black Rolex oyster perpetual.

Another notable model of the black Daytona Rolex is the ref. 116520 which was released in 2000. It was only offered in options of black or white dials, with silver sub dial rings and engraved steel bezel. Offering a look of sophistication and timelessness, it is a classic that brings versatility to your wardrobe.

Rolex GMT Master Black

Known as the Cosmopolitan watch, the GMT Master II is a black Rolex watch that is really at ease in any part of the world. Originally designed as an instrument for navigation, the GMT Master was a watch for professionals who moved around the globe. It shows time from two different time zones. One for their current location, while the other was for an alternative reference time zone.  Launched in 1955, it even became the official watch of the Pan American World Airways pilots. Today, it is a watch associated with luxury and style.

Rolex Black GMT Master II

This Rolex watch debuted in the 1980s and is famous for the unique and attractive double-colored bezels that are solidified with the black dial. The ref. 16710 allows different eye-catching options of bezels, from the popular Pepsi (red and blue) to the discontinued (coke) Rolex black and red, and also the black and blue Rolex called the Batman. There is also a more discreet ref. 126711CHNR known as the root beer, which is a mix of black and chocolate brown bezel on a two-tone stainless steel and everose gold bracelet.

Rolex Datejust Black 

Rolex black face Datejust is a classic Rolex watch that has carried the Rolex name proudly. A practical watch for everyday wear, it is one watch that you would want to own for a really long time. The black Rolex oyster perpetual Datejust 41 is a 41mm case size that features a Rolex Datejust black dial uniquely designed with grooves pouring out from its center. This creates a sunray finish that forms subtle light reflections that are accentuated by the movement of the wrist. No wonder the dial is called “Bright Black Dial”. Throw in the latest Rolex’s Caliber 3235 movement, its cyclops lens that magnifies the date display it is known for, and water resistance for up to 100 meters, the Rolex black Datejust is a confident choice for all times.

Another unique option Datejust model is the Datejust 31, called the Rolex Black Mother of Pearl. This is a black face Rolex with diamonds set into its bezels, jubilee bracelets and a unique mother-of-pearl dial that produces different hues of black colors and intensity depending on its origin.

Rolex Black Yachtmaster

If you are searching for a Rolex with black band, then the yacht master would definitely tickle you pink. The Yacht-Master is the only professional model that comes in 3 different sizes of 37, 40 and 42mm. This Rolex black band watch is a beautiful blend of a matte black bezel against a black dial. The Rolex yacht master black dial is exceptionally dark to facilitate exceptional legibility with its chromalight display. The Rolex yacht master black band is an Oysterflex bracelet patently developed by Rolex to offer a sporty substitute to metal bracelets.

Black Rolex Milgauss

The Oyster Perpetual Milgauss is an evocative watch that blends some green sapphire crystals with orange and features a lightning bolt shaped seconds hands, all on an intense black dial, to give a futuristic look that is both sporty and functional. The Black Rolex Milgauss dark knight is a customization of the black Milgauss Rolex. It sports an even more daring look of a super matte finish with stealth grey dark dial, an absolute keeper for the bespoke person.

Rolex Explorer II Black

The perfect watches for the toughest and extreme conditions, the Black Rolex Explorer and the Explorer II are built to serve. The explorers are characterized with large hour markers that emit blue luminous glow on a legible black dial to ensure awesome visibility in harsh weather conditions. The Rolex black Venom is another dynamic customization of this watch. Its distinct black features would make you love it more.

Other models like the Black Rolex sea dweller give you distinctive black dials and large luminous hour markers for perfect visibility at depths of up to 4,000 feet. It is a legendary diver’s watch that aids divers with a safe and precise record of their dive and decompression times. Whichever choice you make, you will definitely find a black Rolex for sale on our website, and we are sure that you will love every bit of it.


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