Gemstone earrings: elegance that’s always in fashion

Gemstone earrings

Gemstone earrings: elegance and chic that are always in fashion

When it says that women are always striving to beautify themselves, it is perceived as granted. Thus, the representatives of fair sex try to make the whole world around more beautiful. In addition, they often do not even understand it, but they responsibly fulfill one of their main missions. After all, each of them has an enormous potential of beauty, and beauty, as you know, saves the world.

That is why any woman has the desire to have a large number of jewelry. A special place in the jewelry box, quite naturally, is for earrings. Of course, there surely should be Gemstone earrings in it, filling a woman with unique energy, creating a harmonious image of their owner.

Emerald earrings
Emerald earrings

Diamond Source NYC always remembers that these jewelries are an irreplaceable source of positive emotions, joy and good mood. That is why our online store has a rich choice of them. If you decide to make a gift to your beloved, then we will help you find the perfect Gemstone earrings, which she will always wear with warmth when thinking of you.

Sapphire earrings: ethereal beauty

In order to emphasize their aristocracy and elegance, many ladies wear Sapphire earrings with pleasure. This ethereal stone, having a powerful cosmic energy, quite passions, awakens the mind powers, strengthens the spirit and will.

In a remarkable manner Sapphire earrings look both on young girls and mature women. Properly matched in shape and style, they are appropriate for everyday wear, for office dress code, for an evening out.

Diamond and Sapphire earrings
Diamond and Sapphire earrings

Choosing Sapphire earrings you should take into account the features of appearance. Naturally, they would be ideal for a fair-haired and blue-eyed girl. However, dark-haired beauties also should not refuse this accessory. In this case, the combination of the dark hair tone and sky-blue color of the stones gives the image some mysteriousness, which also benefits the girls.

Ruby Earrings: Jewelry Classic

Today, as, however, for many decades, the ruby has not lost its popularity. Being a symbol of the Fire element, it perfectly suits the representatives of the fire Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. However, you must be able to wear Ruby earrings. The blood-red stone is rightfully considered to be the main and expensive element, therefore the owner of the jewelry must correspond with it. If she looks elegant and luxurious, then Ruby earrings will emphasize her style  and will become an elegant addition to her costume.

Ruby earrings
Ruby earrings

Ruby earrings are simply beautiful

To name the Ruby earrings as a universal jewelry means to make an unforgivable mistake. However, they look great on:

  • bright brunettes with a light skin tone;
  • blondes with ashen or golden hair, especially if they have brown eyes;
  • brown-haired swarthy women.

Any Ruby earrings are beautiful. They are beautiful with their deep red tint, so mysterious, unusual, attracting attention. They are not subject to fashion.

Emerald earrings: so expensive, but so desired jewelry

Emerald earrings are a luxury jewel. Part of the top four stones, together with a diamond, sapphire and a ruby, the gem simply fascinates with its uniquely rich glow. Emerald earrings turn their owner into a real aristocratic woman.

In order to create a charming image, the representative of fair sex undoubtedly needs to choose Emerald earrings. In such decorations, the lady will surely feel herself at the gala event, will catch admiring glances in the restaurant, she will even more enchant her favored one on a romantic date.

Emerald Earrings

Jewelers of Diamond Source NYC, making Emerald earrings, use red, white and yellow gold. This gem is very well combines with platinum, the colorless luster of which contrasts beautifully with the green stone, shimmering in the light.

Gemstone earrings are the pride of Diamond Source NYC. Our range is as wide as you can imagine. But, if you will not find a suitable jewelry, our craftsmen will make it, taking into account all your wishes.

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