How to find out her ring size 💍?

How to know her ring size

How to find out her ring size?

For every young man there comes a moment when he decides to end his bachelor life. The next moment everything will twist in such a way that you have to manage to solve new and new puzzles. It is clear that for the engagement you should develop a good script so that the event will remain in memory forever. You need to think about everything to the smallest detail. Anything will be done in order to cause admiration of his beloved. However, there is one difficulty that will require the extraordinary abilities of James Bond from the future groom. This includes the determination of her ring size, because the entire operation must be carried out covertly, its result must be perfectly accurate.

How to secretly know her size.
How to secretly know her size.

Diamond Source NYC is always ready to help every man in this situation. We offer a free* ring Sizer, which can be put on the finger of a dream girl under the unessential pretence. In this case, her ring size will be determined correctly at 100% and the engagement-surprise will not be prematurely disclosed.

Ring sizer, you can order form Diamond Source
Ring sizer

Some tips for finding out her ring size

Of course, the ring Sizer is an excellent method for finding out which ring will be perfect for a girl. But there are other ways that can be used for this purpose. For example, you can act as a real agent 007. Imperceptibly take a ring from a jewelry box of your beloved, which she wears on a ring finger and go to the store with it. In this case, the jeweler, using the ring Sizer, will accurately fit the Promise ring. And it remains only to hope that the girl will not notice the temporary “loss” of her jewel.

You can measure her other ring
You can measure her other ring

There is another way how to imperceptibly make measurements to acquire a suitable Engagement ring. You will need a high skill and strong nerves, as well as luck to be at the right time in the right place. As you know, girls take off the jewelry before cleaning the house, before taking a shower or before going to bed. If this moment has come – there is no time to spare. Here there are several options for solving the problem:

  • You can use the ring Sizer that has been prepared in advance, which you attach to the jewel of your girlfriend and secured at the appropriate size mark;
  • The option of encircling the jewel with a pencil on a piece of paper along its inner and outer contour, and then measuring the diameter of the resulting circle in a quiet atmosphere, which will fully correspond to the size for the purchase of the Promise ring;
  • You can also use the resulting sketch to pick up the appropriate Engagement ring directly in the store.

In addition, you can ask about the size of the bride’s finger at her mom or friend. So to say, conduct reconnaissance in force, which also often gives the desired answer.

Few castings to choose from
Few castings to choose from

Also, an excellent option is to clarify this complex issue directly with the girl, which can be veiled, for example, under a compatibility test. Of course, this will require additional time. After all, you need to pick up the right questions, as well as correct them. However, the game is worth the candle and thus you can find out exactly which Promise ring you need to buy.

Put Ring sizer on your finger
Put Ring sizer on your finger

Among the huge range of jewelry presented at DiamondSource website, every man will be able to find the Engagement ring that will become a perfect decoration for the girl of his choice. To make the choice more accurate, we suggest using the ring Sizer. Then the symbolic decoration will be comfortable and will please the beloved woman.

Adjust it until you feel it is comfortable
Adjust it until you feel it is comfortable

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