Radiant cut diamond: beauty in perfection

Radiant cut Diamond

Radiant cut diamond: beauty in perfection

Ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, natural and cultured pearls, large amber and natural diamonds. This is a list of precious minerals that belong to the first order stones. They stand out for their particular beauty because of the rich color and brilliance. There are many unique minerals among them, which are rarely in nature. Their important characteristic is durability, which depends to a large extent on hardness. Radiant cut diamond are one of the most demanded stones.

Adamant is the most desirable and expensive

18kt white gold Engagement Ring With Center Radiant cut  Diamond
18kt white gold Engagement Ring With Center Radiant cut Diamond

Adamant has all these qualities. Therefore, it is by far the most desirable and expensive. But, why are we talking about an adamant, and not about a diamond? And it should be noted that initially it is not such a beautiful stone. It resembles the usual glass. However, the work of a professional cutter works like magic in which a faceless adamant turns into a diamond.

Radiant cut diamond: peculiarities

Radiant cut diamond is an amazing man-made miracle. It perfectly combines the characteristics of the “Emerald” and “Princess” cut. At the same time, by the play of light mineral resembles a classic round diamond. In a shape – it can be a rectangle or a square. But its distinctive feature is the cut corners, which as a result turns the radiant cut diamond into an octagon. The technology of this processing consists of a combination of stepped and brilliant cut.

Radiant cut diamond is an amazing man-made miracle

Not every gem is suitable for it. But, if the stone has something to show:

  • it has impeccable cleanliness;
  • its color is deep and saturated;
  • a high degree of transparency is simply amazing;
  • thanks to refraction, creates an indescribable play of light.
  • and the dimensions are really solid,

Then such a diamond is exactly the one to create a radiant cut diamond. It looks somewhat brutal, but at the same time majestic and simply amazing. That’s why choosing, for example, a ring, men often prefer ones encrusted with a radiant cut diamond.

Solitaire engagement ring with 0.91ct Radiant cut GIA diamond
Solitaire engagement ring with 0.91ct Radiant cut GIA diamond

Radiant cut diamond: different from others

Due to the specific nature of grinding, a radiant is a rather rare crystal. Usually the color diamonds are chosen for it, since the processing has a positive influence on the color of the gem. Due to the symbiosis of different cutting techniques, the radiant diamond vs princess cut has its advantages. The first of these is the absence of sharp corners, which are specially cut off. In addition, the “Radiant” slightly differs with a greater depth. The undoubted advantage of the radiant diamond vs princess cut is the ability to reflect light in a completely different way. This allows the gem to shine.

What to choose is completely up to you

If you have any doubts between radiant diamond vs princess diamond or radiant diamond vs cushion diamond, we would recommend you to choose the one that better fits your budget.

radiant cut diamond
radiant cut diamond

The “Princess” glows not so voluminously

Comparing the radiant diamond vs cushion, it should be noted that both of these types of stone processing are used quite rarely. If the radiant cut diamond is a new trend in jewelry, the “cushion” was already known several centuries ago. And today it successfully combines antique cutting and modern technology. If you aren’t sure which cut to choose – radiant diamond vs cushion? We’d recommend you to choose the stone that fits your budget better.

The radiant cut engagement ring is a classic

3 carats radiant cut diamond is a gem with a few different types of cut. It differs not only in relatively impressive size, but also in a high gloss. The 3 carats radiant cut diamond is a successful combination of the elegance of the “Emerald” and the whole “life” of the gem, which shows in reflected rays of light.

Radiant cut engagement ring is immediately noticed by surrounding

“Radiant” simply blinds, thanks to the combination of long, short, triangular and stepped facets. That is why other people immediately notice the radiant cut engagement ring. In fact, it will shine like the sun on the finger of a girl who will soon become a wife. The radiant cut engagement ring is a classic, but with an element of uniqueness. It will certainly please your darling, and the moment of recognition will make it unforgettable.

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