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The Diamond Story

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Every gemstone has a story that follows it from the extraction phase to how it is evolved to become precious and exquisite. We, at Diamond Source NYC, follow the precious stone right from the extraction and make it special on your ring. They say that a diamond is forever, and the ring that you might […]

World’s Most Famous Diamonds

Diamonds are forever. We all have heard and read this phrase. There are many kinds of different diamonds that ranges from precious to rare. Not only that – diamonds have played a crucial role in the making of our history. Diamonds have symbolised love, broken promises and wars, for people have fought and loved to […]

Things to do before you buy your next jewelry

Diamond Source NYC Store shopping

Diamond Source NYC  Store shopping Diamonds are precious – diamonds are forever! Yes, we all know this truth, and every fashionista out there can relate to the fact that there is nothing more alluring and gorgeous in this world that a flawless diamond studded piece of jewelry. According to a recent report on the jewelry […]