Vintage Engagement ring: chic fashion, sophisticated style, unsurpassed perfection

Vintage Engagement ring

Vintage Engagement ring – sophisticated style and unsurpassed perfection

Since the dawn of time the genuine art works attract with their perfection. The works of jewelers are of particular admiration is skillfully woven into them with forms brought to perfection by the hands of goldsmiths. Many diamond jewelries which were an amazing compliment to the costume for the centuries, can strike with their uniqueness today as well. That is why, from time to time next generations open this old treasure chest, scooping ideas, style and forms from it.

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Vintage Engagement rings can consider being exactly such treasure, fashion tendency to which is only growing nowadays. Vintage setting jewelry is always a right decision. Modern Diamond Jewelries are semi antique stylized – it is luxurious, exquisite and stylish. If your girlfriend is a romantic person, who adores soap movies, then when choosing jewelry for a marriage proposal you should definitely stop at vintage engagement ring. Diamond Source NYC will definitely help you to make a right choice of this meaningful important jewelry, from which the family life begins.

Victorian Engagement rings

Vintage Engagement ring: chic fashion, sophisticated style, unsurpassed perfection
18k Rose Gold Vintage Engagement ring with center Oval Diamond

The Jewelry history starts with the time of Queen Victoria, who was ruling England for 60 years. It explains a presence of the variety of style of this Vintage Engagement ring. From that ancient time jewelries made of yellow or pink gold has been produced. In most cases diamond is the main masterpiece. Although they also used precious gems.

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Fist Victorian Vintage Engagement rings were made in the age before last, namely in 1835. And in 1886, jewelers and currently the world-famous company Tiffany created the perfect example of a Victorian diamond engagement ring.

Victorian Vintage setting – is a simple jewelry at first sight. At the same time, it strikes with its elegance, astonishes with originality of design.

Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian era – it is the period from the beginning of the XX century and till World War I. It is often equated to the «Golden Age». It is remembered for the significant achievements in culture, science and technology. People got the possibility to enjoy comfortable trips on trains, steamers and cars. A spectacular splash of a brilliant galaxy of writers, poets and artists happened around the world. It is obvious that Edwardian era influenced fashion as well. However, new kinds of Diamond Jewelries and other minerals appeared due to the development of industrial engineering. A distinguishing characteristic of Vintage setting of Edwardian era is the use of a large number of precious stones. Which makes it possible to emphasize the uniqueness of the jewelry.

Vintage Engagement rings of Edwardian era continue to fascinate

Without fear of generous extravagance, by the combination of gold, platinum, diamonds the owners of the jewelry demonstrated the social status and welfare. Vintage Engagement rings of Edwardian era continue to fascinate, having a special attracting force.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement ring: chic fashion, sophisticated style, unsurpassed perfection
Set of Vintage Wedding bands and Engagement ring crafted in 18k Pink Gold

Art Deco style has come to replace Edwardian era and continued to dominate between the two world wars. It is a reflection of a radically changed world. In the speed, scientific-and-technological advance and liberation period the rhythm of life changes completely.

A woman changes her image as well. But, she is no longer romantic and naive, but still a real heartbreaker. Simplicity and practicality, together with luxury in clothes, interest in career, sports and jazz. All it required a new approach to the style of jewelry.

Vintage Engagement ring: chic fashion, sophisticated style, unsurpassed perfection
18k Yellow Gold Vintage Engagement ring features center Oval Diamond in Halo setting and melee diamonds on sides

Therefore, Vintage Engagement rings in art Deco style are distinguished by typical smooth shining white metal: platinum, white gold. Except for, the absence of floristics and flowing lines elements. Only simple geometric forms, clean lines and spirited color schemes. Obviously, spreading of precious gems of different seize (the most often – diamonds) across the surface of the ring. Art Deco style keeps inspiring jewelry specialists nowadays as well. Diamond Source NYC is ready to offer to you a wide variety of Vintage Engagement rings in art Deco style. Bright colors, intricate patterns, unusual gems – is a beautiful combination in jewelry for a modern girl with a twist.

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