White natural diamonds are a miracle of nature 💎💎💎

White Natural Diamond

White diamonds are a miracle of nature with amazing shine

White Natural Diamonds are the best friends of girls’ saying goes. The above expression is difficult to somehow disprove. Therefore White Diamond is a miracle of nature because of its high hardness, amazing transparence and indescribable beauty. In addition, knowledgeable people attribute to the mineral the presence of magical features and healing properties. Let us remind that diamonds are obtaining from adamants, exposing the latter to jewelry processing.

Did you know “diamond” means “sparkling” and “shining” in French?

It is interesting! Adamant is Greek word. In the translation it means “indestructible”. This name associates with the hardness of the stone, reaching 10 units on Mohs scale. The “diamond” stands for “sparkling” and “shining” in French. Which precisely characterizes the stone that passed through the hands of the diamond cutter.

Raw diamonds
Raw diamonds

White natural diamonds are always in fashion, so they are classics of jewelry. How great is look the ring with it on the bride’s finger on the day of the wedding. How elegantly looks a diamond necklace that will make its owner unsurpassed. Firstly, earrings with round diamonds or gems of other shapes are just celestial. They will give glamor to their owner and will attract admiring glances of others. Secondly, Diamond jewelry is always a dream gift. For instance, if you want to present it to your one-of-a-kind person, then Diamond Source NYC is at Your service. We have a huge range of these products. We can make unique precious tailor-made products, taking into account all wishes of the client.

White natural diamonds: some facts from history

For the first time, people mined adamants in India more than three thousand years ago. And, almost immediately evaluated their special properties. As a result the mineral has always been considered unique and with high value.

Different shapes of Diamonds
Different shapes of Diamonds

Diamond jewelry is worthily recognized only since XV century.Since those ancient times, white diamonds, as well as the same stones of different colors, have become the best friends of the fair sex. After that France already was a trendsetter at those distant centuries, people began to wear diamond jewelry in other countries.

Diamond Cut Types

White natural diamonds, for their exceptional transparency, are “diamond of the first water”. As a result, they become completely invisible in the glass of water. Furthermore, the quality of the stone depends from skills of cutter, who performs its jewelry processing.

Diamond Source NYC offers diamond jewelry with a variety of cuts at choice of our customers. Among them:

  • Round “Brilliant” cut Diamond;
  • Princess cut Diamond;
  •  Oval cut Diamond;
  •  Asscher cut Diamond;
  • Cushion cut Diamond;
  • Marquise Diamond and other popular cuts.
The most popular diamond cuts
The most popular diamond cuts

Similarly, if the diamond is very small, then cutters apply 17 facets cuts.
You can order jewelry from us with diamonds in heart, pear, oval, square, triangle.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the most popular stones today are round diamonds with 57 facets. This is a “Brilliant”. It is the most optimal cur. It provides the greatest sparkle of the stone. Purchase jewelry at Diamond Source NYC and present to your loved ones. Thereby expressing feelings of love and loyalty that are clear as crystal.

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