Patek Philippe Aquanaut Watch Ref# 5168G

What is the Holy Trinity of Watches?

Should you hear collectors and industry specialist discussing the Holy Trinity of watches, they are generally referring to the top three brands on the market today. Many are surprised to learn that brands like Cartier and Rolex are rarely included in this short list. Even though they definitely rank among the most reputable and sought-after brands, there are others that specialists tend to rank a little higher.

What you are most likely to hear is discussions of the three following brands: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet. Here’s some information about each brand and why so many specialists bestow this honor on them.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe was founded in Switzerland and continues to maintain the headquarters in Geneva. Since the founding in 1839, the company has grown to the point of offering production that averages 62,000 watches per year. 

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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watch

Is Vacheron Constantin a Good Watch?

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watch

If you look any list of the top luxury watches in the world, Vacheron Constantin is sure to be included. A combination of simple elegance, excellent performance, and quality that ensures the watches continue to work for decades are only some of the things that make this one of the best watches to buy. Here’s some additional information about the brand and the styles offered under the Vacheron Constantin name. Use is to look around and see what you can find. There’s bound to be at least one or two watches that you’ll want to make your own.

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Rolex Pearlmaster 34, 81298-0002

The Luxurious Rolex Pearlmaster

Rolex Pearlmaster Watch
With the Pearlmaster line, you get everything that one would normally expect from Rolex. There are also some additional features that make this line of watches stand out from the rest. Here are some of the essentials you should know about the origins of the Pearlmaster, how it’s evolved over time, and how you can find the one that’s ideal for your collection.

The Pearlmaster’s History

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ceramic Ref# 116500LN

Luxury Watches and Trends of 2021


It’s a new year and time to consider what sort of watch will grace your wrist. Finding a new or used luxury watch that’s in keeping with your lifestyle and tastes isn’t as hard as you may think. There are a number of luxury watches that are considered to be among the most popular during 2021. Here are ten examples of luxury watches that are trending this year and are likely to remain perennial favorites in the years to come.

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Rolex Sea Dweller DEEPSEA Blue Dial Oyster Bracelet Stainless Steel Mens 126660-0002

The Charming Rolex Deepsea

Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea

If you’re familiar with Rolex’s Sea Dweller line, you’ve likely heard about the Deepsea. As a relatively recent addition, the Rolex Deepsea has established itself as one of the most popular choices within this line. In fact, it might be the perfect choice for you. Here are some of the basics that you should know about the Sea Dweller Deepsea, including how to go about finding an authentic watch to call your own.

Some Background on the Deepsea

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Rolex Submariner watch

How Long Does a Rolex Watch Last?

Rolex Submariner watch

So how long will a Rolex last? Could it need some repairs along the way? What about maintenance and the role it plays in longevity? Here’s some basic information you should know, including an idea of how long that recently-purchased Rolex is likely to last.

If there’s one thing you’ve come to expect from Rolex, it’s the fact that the watches are made to last. Far from being something that might serve you well for a few decades, these watches are suitable for passing from one generation to the next. The fact that they hold up so well is one of the reasons why collectors continue to seek out different Rolex lines as investments.

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