Exploring Rolex Nicknames: Pepsi, Root Beer, Hulk and the Others

Exploring Rolex Nicknames: Pepsi, Root Beer, Hulk and the Others

One of the qualities that humans possess is the ability to come up with all sorts of terms of endearment. Just as you likely have nicknames for some of the people you’re closest to or something fun to call your vehicle, it’s not unusual for owners of Rolex watches to come up with some fun nicknames for their favorite watches.

Typically, the nicknames pick up on some attribute associated with specific styles and designs for different Rolex watches. When you realize the inspiration for those names, they suddenly make a lot of sense. While it’s true that you will never see the nicknames used in any official documentation, it’s a safe bet that the following will be heard when Rolex enthusiasts gather to discuss the brand. They may also show up in descriptions found on buyer guides. For this reason, it pays to get to know those nicknames a little better.

The Rolex Batman

It’s hard to imagine anyone who has not heard of Batman before. The character has been the subject of movies, television shows and of course comic books for decades. As a man of action and one with a past that is sometimes shrouded in mystery, Batman conjures up images of mystery as well as being true to the cause of right.

It should come as no surprise that has led to the first watches featuring ceramic bezels to be referred to as the Batman. Part of the reasoning is the color scheme. A combination of black and blue hearken back to the hues of Batman’s costume. It doesn’t hurt that the watch design is sleek and functional, much like the utility belt and the equipment associated with the character. The steel casing looks like it would easily be at home on the wrist of Bruce Wayne or any of his successors in the Batman story line.

The Rolex Hulk

A more recent addition to the Rolex family, a watch with this nickname is often a Submariner that’s outfitted with a green face as well as a green bezel. The green used is more vibrant than what was used with a more established Rolex with the nickname of the Kermit. While you may think that this alone would be enough to earn the name, there’s one more factor to consider.

As fans will know, the Hulk appears when the character becomes angry. The transformation makes the character bigger in stature. A Rolex sporting this shade of green is also likely to have a slightly larger body. The bigger casing is one more reason why this watch ended up with such a fun nickname. Unlike the superhero, you won’t have to worry about your watch shrinking back to a smaller size once the excitement is over.

The Rolex Kermit

Speaking of green, the Kermit is easily one of the most recognizable Rolex watches around. Originally released in 2003 is recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Submariner line, it sports a green that’s the same shade as the legendary Sesame Street puppet.

This design does sport a green bezel, hence the Kermit reference. It’s usually paired with a black face and luminescent characters on the dial. Like any Submariner, this model provides ample water resistance and is one of the larger cases offered by Rolex. A stainless steel band completes the look that’s both sporty as well as being a lot of fun.

The Rolex Smurf

What do you think about when discussions of Papa Smurf develop? If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is the color blue. Specifically, a shade known as Smurf Blue is likely to be what you think about. You can bet that this shade is what leads to the inspiration for the Rolex Smurf.

Once again, the bezel is the portion that sports this unique color. As part of the Submariner line, it can come with a blue face or a black one. Since the line as discontinued in 2020, it’s now becoming quite the collector’s edition. As with all Submariner Rolex designs, it includes features that make it a versatile watch. At the same time, the unique blue is sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees it.

The Rolex Coke

Not all nicknames for Rolex watches are based on superheroes, cartoon characters, or puppets. Some of them have to do with beverages as well. There’s no better example of this than the Rolex Coke.

Interestingly enough, the Coke was not the first Rolex to be nicknamed after a beverage. When the GMT-Master II was released in 1983, one of the more noticeable features was the bezel design. It included the use of black and red, looking a great deal like the packaging on cans or bottles of Coca-Cola. Just as most people will refer to the soda by the nickname of Coke, it wasn’t long before enthusiasts had decided to follow suit with the watch.

There were other nicknames for the GMT-Master II that made the rounds, but never gained the popularity of the Coke. One was the Sophia Loren and was inspired by the figure of this noted actress who enthralled audiences for decades. The wider case shape of the watch was associated with the full-figured curves that Loren sported for most of her career. There was also a less popular nickname, with the watch known as the Fat Lady. The latter didn’t last long among enthusiasts.

The Rolex Pepsi

Just as the colors inspired the nickname for the Rolex Coke, the same is true for the Rolex Pepsi. As part of the GMT-Master and the GMT-Master II line, these watches made use of the same red and blue combination that’s been a hallmark of Pepsi for decades.

At the time the original GMT-Master line was introduced in the 1950s, there was another contender for the nickname of choice. At the time, red and blue was also a color combination used by one of the most widely-known airlines in the world: Pan Am. Even with the popularity of the airline, it wasn’t long before people tended to pick up on the Pepsi connection and run with it. While there are plans to discontinue the latest short run of this line before 2021 is over, there’s no doubt that this nickname will linger as collectors snap up any of these watches they can find.

The Rolex Root Beer

In between the release of the Rolex Pepsi and the Rolex Coke, soda once again became the inspiration for a nickname. That was the case with the Rolex Root Beer. Also part of the GMT-Master II line, the colors were what led to the fanciful name. The combination of a warm brown paired with an equally appealing cream makes the bezel look a bit like a tall cool glass of root beer with a nice creamy head on top. Specifically, the bezel sports the brown while the dial includes the cream accents.

The original design for the Root Beer Master II line was discontinued in 2006. While some thought that was the end of the Root Beer, things didn’t turn out that way. A short run was released just a few years ago, although with a few changes.

After more than a decade, a new generation of Root Beers came into being. In 2018, models made using slightly muted shades of brown that would tend to blend in with the black facing in certain lighting conditions appeared on the scene. This new offering also included bracelets that made use of rose gold for the first time. The bright bezel colors of years past remain part of the design and make the nickname still relevant.

If you hear a nickname for any Rolex watch design, there’s usually some reason behind it. Take the time to learn more about those nicknames and what they mean. As you begin to look around for the next Rolex to add to your collection, understand what’s behind the nicknames will be one more way to decide if that particular style is right for you.



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5 Tips That Will Make Finding the Right Rolex Watch Easier

5 Tips That Will Make Finding the Right Rolex Watch Easier

5 Tips That Will Make Finding the Right Rolex Watch Easier

You’re on a mission to find the right Rolex watch. In order to keep yourself on task, it makes sense to ask yourself a few questions first. The answers to those questions will help you focus on what you really want as well as narrow the range of choices to professionals who know all there is to know about selling Rolex watches in New York to people who truly appreciate them. Here are some tips and questions that will help aid in the search.

Legitimate Sellers Only

Did you know that not just any retailer can sell Rolex watches? Even if you’re looking for a previously owned one, there are still qualifications to meet. Being aware of this fact and choosing to deal only with professionals who sell authenticated Rolex watches protects you in more than one way.

This approach does prevent you from becoming the proud owner of a counterfeit Rolex watch. There are clever fakes out there and the last thing you want to do is spend good money on one. A reputable dealer will be able to authenticate the watch. At the same time, that dealer will also be able to confirm that the watch is in proper working order. You won’t get any such guarantee from a counterfeiter.

Something to Wear or Something to Collect?

What’s the plan for this newly-acquired watch? Do you plan on wearing it to work or on occasions when you meet with important clients? Will it serve as the watch that you wear for leisure as well as business? Could it be that you don’t plan to wear it often, but like the idea of having a Rolex as an investment?

Understanding what you have in mind for the watch will help further refine your watch. If it’s to collect, your focus will likely be on designs that are known to appreciate significantly in value as the years pass. When the plan is to own something that will increase in value but will be worn on a regular basis, factors other than appreciation may be more important.

Features You Consider Important

For example, you plan on wearing the watch most of the time. That means you may want to concentrate the search on models that come with specific features. The goal is to select a Rolex that offers features that you will use on a regular basis.

Maybe a model that can help you keep up with the correct local time as you change time zones would be good. Perhaps you need something with a certain amount of water resistance. A unidirectional bezel may be handy, especially if the watch sports a luminescent hour markers. Make a list of the features that the Rolex must have and then ask about designs that include them.

The Look That You Want

Looks do matter even when you want to ensure certain features are present. Maybe you like the look of rose gold versus stainless steel. Perhaps an oyster bracelet is what you prefer. It could be that you’re looking for watches with a certain color for the watch face. All of these element can influence the watch that you buy.

After looking around you may find that the Rolex Presidential model for sale has the look and the features that you desire. If not, it could be that a Submariner or a Datejust is more in line with what you want. The right dealer will have several different types of Rolex watches and will be happy to show you all the ones that seem to fit in with your basic requirements.

The Price Range You’re Seeking

You’re not afraid to spend money for a Rolex, but you do want to enjoy competitive pricing. There are legitimate dealers who offer Rolex watches in multiple price ranges. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are watches in the four-figure range. You can actually go up to the six-figure range if you like.

Whatever the price range that you want to focus on, there are bound to be options that will meet your needs. By providing the dealer with information about what you want in the watch, it’s easier to make recommendations that fit your preferences as well as your budget.

Now is the time to begin looking for the type of Rolex that you desire. Choose the dealer as carefully as you choose the watch, and the outcome will be a happy one.



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3 Style Tips on How to Wear a Luxury Watch

3 Style Tips on How to Wear a Luxury Watch

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What is The Best Way to Buy Rolex Watches?

What is The Best Way to Buy Rolex Watches?

You’ve been thinking about what sort of luxury watch to purchase for yourself. Rolex is a name that keeps coming to mind, and with good reason. Of the current brands of watches, Rolex is one that just about everyone recognizes.

With that in mind, do you think this is the right choice for you? Maybe you’re wondering if Rolex is a good investment. The fact is that Rolex watches have a strong history of appreciating in value. Whether your plan is to buy something for your use only or as an investment, opting for Rolex is likely to provide a reasonable return in the years to come.

The next question is how to go about purchasing that Rolex watch. While there are several options, the one that stands out is to only approach authorized dealers and work directly with them. Here are the ways to buy Rolex watches, along with some points you need to consider carefully.

Does Rolex Sell Directly to Consumers?

Unlike some watch manufacturers, Rolex is not known for selling directly to consumers. Instead, the company has a roster of official Rolex retailers who have committed to follow the exacting guidelines that Rolex requires in exchange for enjoying this status. Those guidelines are in place to protect the interests of consumers and ensure that anyone who buys a Rolex knows exactly what they’re receiving in return for the purchase.

Finding an official Rolex retailer is not difficult. Retailers with this status are happy to provide confirmation that they are authorized to make sales on behalf of the company. You’ll also find that Rolex has resources in place to help consumers find official retailers who are located closer to them. Making use of those resources will provide you with an idea of where to go and who you can deal with in order to buy an authentic Rolex watch.

Checking Out Private Sales

Along with official retailers, you do have the option of seeking out private sales for Rolex watches. These may be found in online classified ads, auctions held locally or via a website, or even by word of mouth. This is an option that may be worth exploring if the watch you want happens to be a Rolex that was produced in years past and is no longer in production.

One caveat to keep in mind is that not all private sellers are as honest as you may prefer. It’s easy enough for someone to claim to have a Rolex when what they really have to offer is a clever fake Rolex. Unless you are well-versed in the markings and features that Rolex includes, the potential to end up with a counterfeit is much greater. The same is true if you don’t know a great deal about the packaging and the documentation that comes with all Rolex watches.

If you do decide to look at private sales or auctions, do so with care. Make sure you know who is in charge and what measures are taken to ensure the authenticity of the older Rolex watches. Should you come across anything that seems too good to be true, there’s a good chance that what you think you see is not what you will get.

Finding Out What Investor Groups Have to Offer

Since Rolex watches are considered sound investments, you may come across a group of investors who have watches to sell. There’s no doubt that some of these groups are legitimate. If so, there are specific policies and procedures in place to ensure the condition and the authenticity of the watches being offered for sale. You might find one that would be difficult to locate elsewhere.

At the same time, there is the risk of ending up with something that’s not a real Rolex. Much depends on the reputation of the investor group. If it has an established reputation of offering previously owned Rolex watches and providing accurate descriptions, it may be worth a try. If you can’t find much about the group and some of your questions yield nothing more than vague responses, take that as a sign to back away and look elsewhere.

The Potential for Finding a Rolex at an Estate Sale

Estate sales are often held by executors who are in the process of liquidating assets on behalf of someone who recently passed away. That can include personal effects like luxury watches. There’s the option of attending such a sale and determining if the Rolex that’s advertised is really what it’s thought to be.

Keep in mind that not all executors have the background to accurately determine if a Rolex is real or a clever fake. While there may be documents present, those can also be faked. Unless there is certification by an official Rolex retailer attesting that the watch is genuine, you’re taking a chance by purchasing the watch.

Visiting a Brick and Mortar Retailer

Most official Rolex retailers operate brick and mortar locations. Of all the options for purchasing a Rolex, this is easily the best solution. You have the option of going into the store personally, talking with someone who is more than happy to show you any watch that catches your eye, and answer any questions that are on your mind.

You may be wondering if there might be a waiting list to buy a Rolex from an authorized official dealer. The answer is yes. Rolex has a schedule for supplying official dealers with a supply of watches. Depending on the current demand for a certain type, you may need to add your name to a list and wait until the watch you want becomes available.

The same holds true if you’re looking for a vintage design or one that was discontinued in the last few years. Many official retailers are happy to take client information and seek to find the watches that they want. Your name will remain on the list until such a watch is found and you decide whether to purchase it or not.

You may also be wondering about payment options. If so, visiting the actual store will provide you with the most payment options. There are official dealers who are happy to accept cash payments for Rolex watches. You may also be able to supply a certified check in order to pay for the purchase. Credit cards and financial lines of credit are also options if one of those appeals to you.

Online Options for Purchasing Rolex Watches

It’s possible to find just about everything online, including Rolex watches. From auctions to collector groups offering sales, there are plenty of outlets to consider. If you prefer to shop online, it’s a smart move to focus on websites that are operated by official Rolex dealers.

Why would you want to limit your online options in this manner? Those authorized dealers use the same stringent requirements for anything displayed on their websites as they do for watches found in their stores. In other words, focusing on an authorized dealer website means you’ll end up with the real deal.

The Option of Using an App

Websites and physical stores are not the only approaches used by official Rolex retailers. There are those who have opted to create apps that can easily be downloaded to a phone or tablet. These offer secure settings in which to browse, select, and buy Rolex watches.

The app may also include features that make it easy to message with the retailer and get responses with ease. You can quickly review the payment options offered, receive updates on the shipping status of your order, and in general use the app to track all activity related to the purchase.

Remember that the key is to ensure that the app you download and install is connected with an official retailer. It’s a good idea to look on the retailer’s website before you download anything. If there is an authorized app available, the dealer will promote it on the website.

In this day and time, is it a bad idea to buy a Rolex? Not at all. Rolex watches remain a sound investment as well as offering superior quality and performance. If you’re in the market for a luxury watch, make sure you go with an official Rolex retailer and be prepared to wait for a little while if necessary. Your patience will pay off in the form of an asset that will serve you well for a long time.

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Exploring the Rolex GMT Master History & Evolution

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Does A Rolex Watch Hold Value?

Does A Rolex Watch Hold Value?

Are you someone who is looking to obtain the best luxury watches but are unsure what to expect? When making big investments like these, you always want to use caution and due diligence. This will ensure that the watch you obtain brings you the best value.
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watch winder

How to Use a Watch Winder - Diamond Source NYC

If you’ve never heard of a watch winder, don’t feel alone. Devices of this type are constructed for the purpose of ensuring that automatic watches continue to operate even if they’re not worn for some time. Since these kinds of watches rely on the typical movements people make with their wrists and arms in order to cause the mechanism to wind, the winder is configured to mimic those types of movements.

People who decide to invest in their first automatic watches may be asked if they would like to purchase an automatic watch winder as well. The question of whether you need one depends a great deal on how often you will wear the watch. Assuming that this may be a watch you only wear for special occasions, it does make sense to consider purchasing a watch winder box and learn how to use it properly. Here are some basics that will help.

What Your Watch Winder Looks Like

While designs do vary slightly, expect the typical watch winder to look something like a square or rectangular jewelry box. The design may include a drawer that you pull out in order to position the watch for charging. Others may open from the top and include a holder that you will position the watch. There are also some designs that open from the front. With any of these designs, the watch will be held firmly in place so that it can be moved around enough to ensure the self-winding watch does remain wound at all times.

It’s not unusual for a Rolex watch winder to also have a clear window that allows you to see the watch while it’s in the holder. As for the case materials, they may be made of everything from wood to some sort of resin material. In terms of general appearance, you can select from winders that are simple and easily fit into many types of décor, or you can go with something that has a color scheme or other design elements that reflect the specific style of the room.

While the winder performs an important task, it’s not something that will take up a lot of space. You’ll find that it can rest with ease on the top of the dresser, on a small area of the top of a chest of drawers, or even on a nightstand.

How the Watch Winder Works

Motion is the name of the game when it comes to the way the winder functions. The holder or cradle that keeps the watch in position makes it possible to turn the timepiece according to a pattern that you can adjust manually. Generally, makers of self-winding watches include instructions for the use of winders in the manuals included in the watch packaging.

Unlike a wind-up watch that you would wind manually, automatic watches are wound while you go about the usual movements that people tend to perform every day. It’s also possible to make deliberate movements while wearing the watch that keep it wound. The best watch winder mimics those movements and ensures that the watch continues to keep an accurate time even if you don’t wear it for extended periods.

As long as the watch is properly placed and mounted in the winder, there will be no issues with the rotation. You’ll also need to program the pattern for the movements based on the recommendations of the watch manufacturer.

Can the Winder Manage More Than One Watch at a Time?

What happens if you own more than one automatic watch? Is it necessary to remove one watch so you can repeat the process with the other one? How about having to buy and use two winders? In fact, things are much simpler.

Along with the ability to buy a winder that will accommodate one watch, it’s possible to purchase a double watch winder that will keep two watches wound and ready for use. While the body will be larger, it’s still likely to be small enough to keep on a nightstand or on one end of the dresser. In terms of operation, the process will be the same. Along with the advantage of being able to wind two watches at once, you only need a single power source to keep the winder going.

Does It Have to Be Plugged In?

In order for the winder to function, it must have a source of power. The most common designs include power cords with plugs that will fit into a standard household outlet. However, those are not the only options you have for keeping the winder supplied with a power source.

More models today are configured to utilize a USB cable rather than the standard power cord.  This a more versatile variation on that traditional cord. Connect the cable to the winder and then use the other end to connect to your laptop. If you have a solar charger that is used during a power outage, you can also connect it to the winder in order to keep it working.

You can also connect the other end of the cable to a plug adapter and use it just like a standard power cord. There’s also the option of taking the winder along when you take a long road trip. It’s easy enough to use the cable with an adapter to connect to whatever power source you have for ancillary devices in the vehicle.

Can the Winder Overdo It?

One concern that people voiced as they learn how to wind a watch using a winder has to do with winding the mechanism too much. That’s a valid concern, since it’s easy to wind traditional watches too much and damage the movement. Fortunately, there’s not an opportunity for the watch to be wound too tight if you’re using an automatic watch winder box.

The winder’s configuration ensures that it will override any settings you’ve entered once the watch is fully wound. Essentially, it remains inactive until the sensors detect that the watch is in need of winding again. Even if there are days or weeks in between the times you remove the watch for wearing, you can depend on the winder to not overdo the winding.

Setting the Turns Per Day

One of the first things you’ll need to learn about how to wind an automatic watch using the winder is setting what’s called the TPD. That’s short for turns per day. The best winders allow users to set a pattern that includes so many turns per hour. In order to determine how many turns are needed, consult with the recommendations found in your watch’s owner manual.

What you may find is that the watch needs a minimum of 240 turns per 24-hour cycle. That would translate into ten movements per hour. That would be the number of turns you would specify when you set the pattern.

Keep in mind the pattern is not something that can be set once and you’re stuck with it from now on. There’s the option of replacing that pattern with another one if the need arises. The instructions that come with the winder will walk you through the process. Before long, managing this task will be no more difficult for you than dealing with hand winding watches.

And the Direction of the Turns

It’s not just the number of turns that you can adjust. It’s possible to set the pattern so that the movements are clockwise or counter-clockwise. Some models even allow you to program the winder for up and down movements. There are still others that allow you to program a combination of movements, or even set a random pattern.

You may find that opting for a random pattern works well. Given the fact that you would make all sorts of movements while wearing the watch, it helps if your self-winding watch box imitates that range of movement. You can try going with one direction if you like, but if it doesn’t seem to keep the watch charged and ready to go, consider opting for that random pattern.

Keep in mind that not all winders will allow each of these functions. Before you buy one, make sure it will allow for several different movement patterns. You’ll find that the best watch winder for Rolex watches will be in the latter category.

Placing Your Watch in the Holder Carefully

When you first start using the winder, pay special attention to how you place the watch in the holder. The design can vary from one winder style to the next, but all of them will require that the watch be positioned so that it won’t slip off the holder while a turn is in progress.

You can ensure all is well on this front by making sure to follow the exact steps outlined in the owner’s manual. Test it out a couple of times and let the winder go through the pattern for a couple of hours. Open the winder and see if the watch is still firmly on the holder. If so, then you’ve got the process down pat.


Check the Watch After a Couple of Days


There’s one last thing you need to check; that’s making sure the auto watch winder is keeping the watch wound. After setting up and activating the winder, give it a couple of days. At that point, remove the watch and check the time. Is it still accurate? If so, then the winder is doing the job. If not, you may want to play with the turning pattern and see if you get better results.

While you may hear some people say there’s no need for a Rolex watch winder box, the fact is that winders are handy devices that can make life a little easier. Even if you plan on wearing the watch most of the time, consider investing in a winder. In the event you do need to tuck the watch away for a few weeks, it’s nice to know that you have a resource that will ensure the watch remains fully operational and ready for use.

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How to Repair a Rolex Watch - Diamond Source NYC

How to Repair a Rolex Watch - Diamond Source NYC

Owning a Rolex involves making sure the luxury watch is maintained properly. If something begins to malfunction, protect your investment by arranging for a Rolex repair as quickly as possible. As one would expect from a prestigious watchmaker, the process for arranging a repair is concise. The result for you is that the watch will be fully restored and capable of performing perfectly If you’re curious about how to arrange for a repair and how that repair is managed, here are some of the basics that you should know.

Where to Take Your Rolex

Not every watch repair shop is authorized to accept and evaluate Rolex watches. In fact, only personnel at a properly certified Rolex service center can perform any task related to repairs and general service. The good news is that you can take the watch to the nearest authorized Rolex affiliate or seller; the personnel there will know where the closest service centers are located and will be happy to handle the process of getting your watch to one of those centers.

Another way to find out where to take the watch is to visit the brand’s website. It’s possible to conduct a search based on your location to find the nearest authorized dealers and service centers. Offering something as simple as your zip code will be enough to bring up a listing of the closest affiliates. You can then contact one of those Rolex watch repair locations and make arrangements to get your watch to them.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible at the onset to provide an idea of the repair expense. It’s only after evaluating the watch and identifying the origin of the issue that they can tell you how much to repair a Rolex watch. Rest assured you will receive and estimate that you can approve before the actual repair gets underway.

Removing the Movement From the Case

The first step in any attempt at an authorized Rolex repair focuses on separating the movement from the case. In order to do this, the band or bracelet is first separated. The professional will use precision tools to pry the back of the case from the front and gently extract the movement. Once this is done, the process of evaluating the movement’s condition can commence.

Note that all steps involved with the repair are conducted in accordance with an official Rolex repair manual. While the steps may seem painstaking to some, the goal is to ensure that the value of your watch, as well as the performance, is protected at all times. For this reason, removing the movement is done by hand and with close attention to detail.

Disassembling the Movement

Once the movement is freed from the casing, the process of disassembling the movement will get underway. The goal is to be in a position to closely examine each of the components and evaluate their conditions. During this phase, it’s often possible to identify what’s causing the issue and begin to assemble the estimate for the repair.

The evaluation process continues until each part of the movement has been examined. If there are any parts that are no longer fully compliant with Rolex standards, those parts will be slated for replacement. Once the assessment is finished, you will receive an estimate. The work will proceed once you approve that estimate.

Cleaning All the Individual Components

All components will be cleaned to ensure there is no type of residue present. This includes the current components as well as the new ones that may be needed to restore the watch. Cleaning is considered more than mere service; it’s also a central element of any type of Rolex repair NYC that may be needed.

As with other aspects of the Rolex experience, not any type of cleaning agent will do. Rolex requires the use of authorized agents to ensure that each part is completely clean and there is nothing within those agents that could damage the parts. Once this phase of the job is done, you can rest assured that the watch will be as clean internally as it was the day it left the factory.

Replacing Damaged Parts

Generic watch components are not part of the Rolex experience. Each movement part is prepared by Rolex proper or by an authorized supplier who meets the stringent quality standards set by the company. This is good news for you, since it means each of those Rolex repair parts are original and will help maintain the value of your watch.

Even when receiving parts from an authorized source, the repair team evaluates them for use before installing them within the movements. That means if the issue with your watch happens to be a damaged crystal, you can depend on the replacement crystal being of the highest quality and free of any flaws.

The same care is taken in checking all individual replacement parts, not just those used in a typical Rolex crystal repair. While no time is wasted in the process, you can be assured that the repair is not hurried for the sake of getting things done and moving on to the next task. Rolex places a great deal of emphasis on doing things right the first time. If that involves taking a little extra time to make sure the client is getting the best, that’s what the professional will do.

Cleaning All Components

All movement components are cleaned thoroughly before the work can move forward. Currently, the process used by Rolex involves what’s known as an ultrasonic bath. This involves using a combination of a specially prepared liquid in conjunction with ultrasound waves. The goal is to ensure that any traces of impurities are removed and the integrity of the watch will remain intact.

Lubricating the Components and Reassembling the Movement

With everything cleaned and all replacement parts identified and ready, the next step is to ensure all the movement components are lubricated properly. As with all aspects of Rolex production and repair, the lubricants used meet the standards set by the company. You can depend on each part receiving the right amount of lubrication so that the movement performs at optimum efficiency.

The process of lubrication requires careful attention to detail. It also provides another opportunity to physically evaluate the condition of each component. If anything was overlooked prior to this point, it will be found during the lubrication process. If all is well, the movement components are reassembled and the next stage of the repair begins.

Refinishing the Case and the Bracelet

The movement is not the only part of the watch to receive attention. The casing and the bracelet are also in for some scrutiny. Part of knowing how to repair Rolex watch band involves looking closely at the design, identifying any flaws, and then moving on to make the necessary adjustments. Cleaning and lubrication are also involved in order to ensure the band or bracelet is in top condition.

Along with the Rolex band stretch repair, the case is also cleaned thoroughly. That’s true for the inside of the case as well as the outside. This is one more way to ensure there is no residue present that could affect the watch’s operation. Once the case is deemed clean and the Rolex band repair or servicing is finished, the professional will advance to the next step.

Reassembling the Case

Reassembling the case involves making sure the movement, the crystal, and other components are properly seated and ready for sealing. The same care that’s taken during the disassembly process is found during this stage also. At each point, the professional will stop for a moment to ensure everything is aligned properly.

Once everything is back in place, the watch is sealed. This is to ensure that it has the same qualities of water resistance that were present before. After this is done, the watch will undergo a series of tests that confirm everything is in order.

Beginning the Precision Test

First up is the precision test. This is to determine if the movement is functioning as it should. In particular, there is an emphasis on making sure the issue that led to you seeking the repair is truly resolved.

As with many tasks involved with Rolex watches, there are specific procedures to follow during the precision test. Each procedure is completed before the next one commences. This makes it easier to stop if something is not quite right, take corrective measures, and then continue.

Including the Waterproofing Test

Assuming that the watch passes the initial precision test, the watch is then subjected to a waterproofing test. This is to ensure the degree of water resistance associated with the design is optimum. In order to accomplish this, the repair professional will use a specific process that replicates the quality assurance methods used when the watch was first manufactured.

While you may think that a successful waterproofing test would mean the repair job is complete, that’s not quite true. There are a couple more steps that are taken before the watch is returned.

A Full 24 Hours of Observation

Even with successful results up to this point, the watch will undergo a full 24 hours of observation. The goal is to ensure that the watch is continuing to perform properly and any previous issues are truly resolved. This is to your advantage, since this is one of the steps that makes it possible for Rolex to issue a two-year warranty on any repairs that are made.

If anything unusual occurs during that observation period, the watch will go back through the process. You’ll be notified that there will be a delay, so there’s no issue of being left out of the loop. Along with the high quality of the Rolex repair New York, the company also places a premium on keeping clients informed.

One Final Quality and Performance Test

With the completion of the observation period, the watch is now ready for return. If you communicated directly with the authorized repair center, the watch will be returned directly to you. If you went through an authorized seller or affiliate, the watch will be forwarded to that location, allowing you to arrange for a pickup or delivery from them.

Keep in mind that while the Rolex repair cost may be more than what you would pay with lesser brands, the quality of those repairs help to protect the watch’s value as well as the accuracy and general performance. Whether you own the watch as an investment or as something you plan on keeping for the rest of your life, rest assured that cost is worth every penny.

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Most Renowned Rolex Watches Models

Most Renowned Rolex Watches Models


Anytime Rolex watches are mentioned, what comes into your mind is luxury, opulence, purity, and prosperity. The watch has set the bar too high for high-end watches and, in the process, made itself a world-famous brand. Rolex has some of the best watch designs, and in addition, they use an out of the world technology when developing the timepieces. Rolex watches are some of the most iconic timepieces ever made on the planet, and that is why you will find the watches associated with some of the most significant figures in the world. The watches are of high value, and their value has caught the attention of royalties and celebrities across the world. This goes to show how much of a privilege it is to own a Rolex watch. Here are some of the most sought-after Rolex watches you might be interested in.

Rolex Day-Date II

The Rolex day-date made its first impression in 1956 and is the pioneer of wristwatches that display both the date and day of the week. The day-date watch can be found in various variations, most significantly the 18K yellow gold design. This watch is everything about prosperity, with its case featuring an 18K gold bezel embodying the champagne dial embedded with hour markers made from diamond.  The timepiece is water-resistant up to 100 meters below the water surface and equipped with automatic movement, and the president bracelet as it is known is to symbolize comfort and refinement.

Rolex Explorer II

The Rolex Explorer II is a precise, unmistakable, and well-modeled timepiece. The watch seamlessly embodies the association between Rolex and exploration. The watch features a stylish stainless steel case with a perfectly curved stainless steel oyster bracelet. The stainless steel is also used to make the bezel that is fully embedded with 24-hour markings. The watch's face is minimalistic and is fitted with a spotless white dial with hour markers appearing in impeccable shapes. The second’s hand is luminescent, and the date display is well placed at the 3 o'clock position.

Rolex Submariner

The Submariner is a remarkable model of the Rolex watches, and the black dial stainless steel is one of the outstanding timepieces in this collection. The watch is an automatic movement type and prides itself on a carefully polished stainless steel case featuring an oyster steel bracelet. The case is equipped with a rare black ceramic bezel that rotates. The boldface watch also features superior black-colored dials with luminescent material hour markers. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is used for the dial window to give a long life to the watch. This jewel is everything you need to show the relationship between Rolex and the sea.

Rolex Yacht Master II

For those who love the aesthetics of the sea, the Rolex yacht master II is the ultimate watch to look out for. The high-end jewel was designed to serve yachting competitions back in the days. The timepiece embodies the sailor spirit that is a significant heritage to Rolex’s sailing world. The yacht master is a perfect blend of style and functionality with its finest technology that brings out a regatta chronograph aspect. The yachting-inspired watch is built with an 18K yellow gold casing, a rich blue ceramic bezel with gold-coated figures.

Rolex Cellini

The Rolex Cellini is the ultimate definition of a stylish watch. The timepiece ranks as a classic stylish Rolex watch especially for women. The watch is designed to celebrate the long-lasting class and elegance of traditional watches. This model maintains the Rolex aesthetics featuring an 18K rose gold case and an original, pure black alligator leather strap. The fierce black design blends with the stick markers and is fitted with an extra dial to display the time zone. In addition, this lustrous and futuristic watch embodies the high-end attention to detail that Rolex is widely known for.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a state-of-the-art chronograph watch. This iconic Rolex model was designed with the embodiment of functionality and superior performance in motorsports. The watch was designed with professional race drivers in mind. The timepiece is built with a high-end sophisticated chronograph and a tachymetric scale bezel that can effortlessly measure speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour. The elegance of these timepieces is topped with a case made of polished platinum and a blue ice diamond. This gives the watch an attractive look when firmly clasped onto the wrist.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

The sky-dweller is a perfect mix of elegance and simplicity.  The timepiece features the best Rolex technology and has more than 14 patents. The 18K rose gold case is very distinct in design and features a sun dust dial model that compliments the sophisticated look of the wearer. The simplistic design makes it very easy with the dual time zone feature that is easy to read. The face of the watch is encased with a 24-hour disc that rotates and displays the date.

Rolex Milgauss

The Rolex Milgauss is a timepiece that stands out among the iconic Rolex watches. The watch is the first of its kind to have an internal magnetic shield. The watch's design features a polished stainless steel alloy that has high-level resistance to scratch and corrosion. The exterior build of the watch embodies the unmatched aesthetics of Rolex, owing to its scientific heritage. The second’s hand of the timepiece gives a satisfying look when the evocative orange lightning shape ticks across the face. The watch is a valid scientific masterpiece that holds a classy look.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

This timepiece made it to the scene in 2015 and its durability and functionality cannot be matched. The tough build of the watch makes it exceptional for everyday wear, featuring a 39mm smooth oyster case with a securely placed flat-link oyster bracelet. The watch is not necessarily an equivocal jewel; its simplistic build makes it a time-only watch. The unique and elegant colors give it a sporty feeling with a touch of elegance.

Rolex Air-King

The Rolex Air King is a great watch that sets the pace for exclusive and pocket-friendly watches. The watch is fitted with a 40 mm oyster steel case and a super solid-link bracelet with an oyster clasp. The black dial gives the face a perfect combination of elegance and style, making it a royal timepiece. The Rolex air king was built to maintain the long-standing relationship the oyster watch had with aviation.

Rolex has always maintained its high-end technology in developing some of the most impressive watches. Their long-standing approach to building watches from precious metal has made their watches maintain their elegance and class. The watches are valuable and are the biggest catch for collectors who cannot seem to get enough of the specific classic models. The Rolex timepieces have gone through research and development processes that ensure only the highest grades are achieved.


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