Where Can You Go to Get a Rolex Watch Appraised?

Where Can You Go to Get a Rolex Watch Appraised?

You’re the owner of one or more Rolex watches. Some of them were purchased for the express purpose of being assets to hold and possibly pass on to the next generation. While you know what you paid for them, what are the watches worth today? Now would be a good time to think about having them appraised.

Now the search is on for an appraiser who can provide the type of assessment that you require. The process is easier than you may think, although it’s true that not everyone can properly appraise a Rolex watch. Here are some essentials that you should know.

Reasons to Have Your Rolex Watch Appraised

 Why have your Rolex watches appraised at all? Couldn’t that wait until you decide to sell them? In fact, there are a few excellent reasons to arrange for those appraisals now.

One has to do with making sure you have adequate insurance protection. Since the watches do appreciate in value, the coverage that you secured a few years ago may no longer be sufficient. If not, then it’s time to increase the coverage. Doing so protects you in the event of a covered loss.

Another issue to keep in mind is your tax obligations. Depending on the tax laws that apply in your jurisdiction, it may be necessary to evaluate the value of assets from time to time in order to calculate any taxes that may be due. If you should fail to report the increase in value properly and an audit is done later, the penalties could be significant.

Deciding Where to Take the Watch

You may be asking yourself “where do I get my Rolex appraised?” The fact is that you can’t take them to the local jeweler and expect to get the information that’s needed. What you will have to do is take the watches to an authorized dealer who is set up to manage the appraisals using the standards that apply to Rolex watches.

 This makes sense if you think about it. Rolex is strict when it comes to the quality of their watches, and who is allowed to sell them. Dealers must become authorized in order to offer those watches. With this in mind, it makes sense that Rolex would only want trained, certified,  and authorized appraisers to inspect their watches.

Fortunately, finding an authorized appraiser is not difficult. You can tap into the lists provided by Rolex and find an authorized dealer who also has approved appraisal services. This ensures that you can receive information that is reliable and complete.

Understanding What’s Involved in an Appraisal

An appraisal will involve considering just about every aspect of the watch. In the case of a Rolex, that means checking the serial number to confirm that it’s authentic. The general condition of the watch will also figure into the process.

Being on the lookout for any signs that materials other than those authorized for use by Rolex are present is another part of the process. Assuming that all the parts are original, that will ensure the watch does retain more value.

The model, complexity, and the rareness of the watch will also factor into the appraisal. If you have an authentic Rolex that’s in good condition, but happens to be a model that’s relatively easy to find right now, the value is likely to be a little less. At the same time, a model that’s currently in high demand and in short supply will be appraised at a higher price.

And the Costs for Conducting a Rolex Watch Appraisal

How much does it cost to appraise a Rolex watch? While there is some variance, the cost of having a Rolex watch appraised is more affordable than most people think. This is true for newer Rolex watches as well as vintage models.

So how much does it cost to get the watch appraised? On average in the United States, an authorized appraiser is likely to charge around $125.00 USD for the base fee. From there, the cost can vary based on the model and any particulars about it. Keep in mind that the final cost will include charges for authentication. It’s not unusual for an appraisal to run more than $350.00 for any model, including vintage ones.

How Often Should I Have My Rolex Watch Appraised?

There is some difference of opinion when it comes to how often a Rolex should be appraised. Some recommend conducting appraisals every other year. This is often the suggestion when you have a vintage Rolex watch. Others recommend at least once every three to five years, even if you think there’s been no significant change in value.

The appraiser can provide a more specific recommendation based on the Rolex that you own. Using the model and type, market trends, and other factors, the appraiser can come up with a schedule that would ensure you know when to adjust the amount of insurance coverage.

Contact Diamond Source NYC if you want to arrange for an appraisal of your Rolex watch. Trust that our team of trained and certified experts can ensure that the examination is thorough, detailed, and provides all the information about the watch that you want to know.

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Why is Rolex Becoming Even More Expensive?

Why is Rolex Becoming Even More Expensive?

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a Rolex watch, there’s something that you may have noticed. The cost for new as well as used Rolex watches continues to increase over time. On the one hand, this is no surprise. At the same time, you do wonder about the amount of that increase.

What’s going on with the market right now? The fact is that there isn’t any one factor driving the change in pricing. Here are a few basics that will help you understand what’s happening with prices and why.

Quality Without Compromise

Before any talk about pricing begins, it’s a good idea to have some context. One of the reasons that Rolex is one of the world’s most popular and valued brands is the high quality that’s required of every watch. Nothing leaves the factory unless it meets stringent production and performance standards.

This has led to only a limited number of watches being produced per year. It’s also meant developing a network of authorized personnel who are trained on how to provide care for Rolex watches of all types. Even after the production is complete, the emphasis on quality continues for as long as a watch exists. That’s not something you will find with mass-produced timepieces.

Understanding the Market for Rolex Watches Over the Last Few Years

If someone should ask you if Rolex prices increase, it’s easy to answer in the affirmative. To some degree, they’ve always increased over time. This is actually a good thing, since the watches do appreciate in value. That’s one of the reasons why they make such a good investment.

When someone is asking if Rolex prices have increased, what they are likely asking is have the prices increased more than usual. Could it be that something is driving the cost upward outside of the usual factors? An analysis of Rolex pricing for new and the more popular vintage models confirms that something is a little different than in decades past.

What’s Contributing to the Shift in New and Used Rolex Prices?

You look around the market and there seems to be more than one thing happening with the pricing on Rolex watches. There’s no doubt that new ones are more expensive than before. According to Professional Watches, a watch publication based in the United States, 2022 will see a worldwide average increase of 3.4% in the cost of new Rolex watches. In the United States alone, the projected price increase for a new Rolex is 4.2%.

Exactly why Rolex is increasing the pricing on new watches has not been announced. There’s speculation that it has to do with maintaining the quality. The materials used in the creation of the watches are more expensive to prepare and produce. Other shifts in labor and general production costs are also likely factors. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, many industries are affected by changes in supply chains that make getting what’s needed to continue operations more problematic.

So are Rolex prices going up or down? No doubt the price is up for new Rolex watches. With some older Rolex watches, the pricing seems to be holding steady. Others are increasing slightly, but nothing that’s out of line with previous years. It’s fair to say that the odds of a Rolex watch going down in price is not likely, but the chances for higher pricing is definitely there.

How is It That Some Vintage Rolex Watches Are More Expensive Than New Ones?

Demand versus supply has always been important to the cost of an older Rolex. Simply put, when more people want to buy certain models and there are not that many available, the price will increase accordingly. When the model in question is relatively easy to find, the prices are likely to increase at a slower rate.

Keep in mind that it’s not just about the pricing between different previously owned Rolex watches. You can easily come across vintage watches that are more expensive than the ones that will be released this year. Why are older Rolex watches sometimes more expensive than their new counterparts? That also goes back to demand. A watch that continues to retain its popularity and is in relatively short supply can easily command a price that’s more than something recently produced and released.

Still One of the Best Investments to be Found

Here’s something that you should know about Rolex watches of all types. They are still among the most practical investments that one can make today. Long after the pandemic is over, vintage Rolex watches will keep increasing in value. You can see this with ease, since the demand for Rolex has not decreased even as many other investments have been upended during the last couple of years.

The same is true for the latest Rolex watches to make their way to showrooms. You can bet that the new watches of today will hold their value and that they will increase as time goes on. That’s simply what happens with Rolex watches. As long as you have an authentic Rolex watch, you have an asset that will appreciate as the years pass.

Making Sure That You Getting an Actual Rolex Watch

Whether you want a new or a used Rolex, the goal is to make sure anything that’s considered is the real thing. That’s not as easy as it may seem, since some counterfeits are cleverly designed. Unless you know the brand well, it’s possible to be misled.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this type of situation is to only approach authorized Rolex dealers. It’s not hard to find out who’s an approved dealer and who isn’t. Rolex maintains listings of which dealers have their blessing. No matter where you are in the world, it only takes moments to determine if a sellers is recognized and can offer you real Rolex watches.

 While you may be tempted to stray off the path and try a seller who assures you that they are offering the real thing, don’t take the chance. Instead of saving money, you could end up with a fake Rolex that looks good on your wrist but offers little else.

Contact Diamond Source NYC for more information about the highest-quality new and previously owned Rolex watches. You can depend on the staff to provide you with honest and detail information about any watch that you’d like to buy.

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Why Should I Sell My Rolex Watch Through an Official Dealer?

Why Should I Sell My Rolex Watch Through an Official Dealer?

It’s time to part with a Rolex that you’ve had for a long time. There are multiple options for finding buyers, including online auction sites. If you want to generate interest and increase the odds of making a timely sale, consider doing business with an official Rolex dealer.

This is easily the way to go if you want to sell your jewelry fast and know that the sale will go as planned. Here are a few of the reasons why this approach is better than the other options.

Help Setting a Competitive But Fair Price

While you have a good idea of what the model itself is commanding in today’s market, how about the watch itself? In order to determine the purchase price, it’s a good idea to have the watch appraised. That should be done by a certified appraiser who’s associated with an official dealer.

Why does this matter? The appraiser will be able to make assessments based on the condition of your watch as well as factors that apply to the model in general. It will also help if you have the original packaging and documentation. The result is a price that’s based on current market value, but takes into consideration the particulars of your watch.

Tapping into a Market of Interested Buyers

Your goal is to connect with people who may be interested in your watch. While you might come across a few using other venues, the fact is that a luxury watch retailer who also happens to be an official Rolex dealer provides a built-in audience for your Rolex. There’s no need to find buyers because they are already there.

That means if you’re wanting to sell your Rolex President without any delays, it won’t take the dealer long to determine if any customers are currently looking for what you have to sell. Even if there isn’t one readily identified, the dealer can make inquiries and possibly turn up a few who are likely to be interested. That’s much easier than attempting to deal with unqualified buyers from other sources.

Making the Most of the Dealer’s Reputation

There’s another aspect of the sales process that you should consider carefully. It has to do with reputation. Since you’re not someone who sells watches on a regular basis, that makes you an unknown quantity to prospective buyers. What you need is access to an official resource that can vouch for the quality of what you have to sell.

If you choose to sell the watch through an official dealer, the positive reputation comes along with the process. Buyers who have done business in the past with the dealer understand the way they qualify anything that’s sold through them. The result is that there is a level of trust present that would be lacking if you tried to sell through a different type of venue.

Ensuring There are No Issues With the Payment

The point of offering the watch for sale is to end up with cash in hand. You want the transaction to go smoothly, so there is no question that the deal is completed in a timely manner, and the funds can be transferred to the account of your choice without any delays. That’s not something you will find with every possible sales outlet.

You can rest assured that selling the watch through an official dealer will be a smooth process. Once the sale is initiated, you’re kept up to date on how things are progressing. Many dealers make it a point to go beyond notification of the sale. You also receive notices about the receipt of the payment, when the funds transfer to your account commences, and any information that you will need to track the pending payment.

Don’t waste time on other venues, when an official dealer can help you sell your Rolex watch. Find out how this type of solution works, ask plenty of questions, then place the watch in capable hands. You may be surprised at how quickly a buyer shows up.


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Rolex - Official Sponsor of Wimbledon & US Open

Rolex - Official Sponsor of Wimbledon & US Open

Along with producing some of the world’s finest luxury watches, Rolex is known for supporting a number of great causes around the world. The diversity of the support is not often known to large numbers of people, but it does extend into many areas of life. One that many may be more familiar with has to do with sporting events.

The support for sporting events can be traced back to 1928, when Rolex provided Mercedes Gleitze, the first woman to swim the English Channel, with a Rolex Oyster to wear during the event. As people celebrated Gleitze’s achievement, it was also noted that the Oyster performed extremely well under difficult conditions.

Today, Rolex continues the tradition of sponsoring prestigious events that take place in many parts of the world. Here’s some basic information that will provide an idea of how far-reaching those sponsorships happen to be.

Who Does Rolex Sponsor?

Finding a complete list of organizations and events that Rolex sponsors is not always easy. This is because additions occur from time to time. In some cases, the new additions replace previous events or organizations that have ceased to operate.

As it relates to sporting events and organizations, Rolex currently sponsors operations that are associated with motor sports, tennis, golf, equestrian tournaments, and sailing. These are in addition to the philanthropic causes that the company continues to support today.

Is Rolex a Sponsor of Wimbledon?

The relationship between Wimbledon and Rolex has been going strong for more than 40 years. In the years since, that relationship has deepened and shows no signs of slowing down.

The first connection took place in 1978, when Rolex became Wimbledon’s official timekeeper of the Championships.  This sponsorship has proven to be an ideal fit for everyone concerned. Both Wimbledon and Rolex make use of a combination of tradition along with the use of modern technology. It’s also helpful in terms of the fact that Rolex has been a sponsor of a number of Wimbledon winners. When one of those sponsored players wins, it’s a safe bet that the current year’s victor will be wearing a Rolex when accepting the trophy.

How About the US Open?

The US Open is a hardcourt tennis event that is considered one of the most prestigious in the United States. Rolex is also a sponsor of this event. This has been the case since 2018. That year, Rolex began serving as the official timekeeper and the official timepiece for the Open. This was evident from the beginning that year, as the grounds of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center prominently displayed clocks and timepieces throughout the area.

Rolex also launched more initiatives to support other activities overseen by the United States Tennis Association, including training camps and other events. Ongoing support of tennis has led to Rolex being an official sponsor for all four Grand Slam events by the middle of 2021.

Who is the Brand Ambassador of Rolex?

Roger Federer is considered to be the official ambassador for Rolex in the world of tennis. Born in 1981, Federer is no stranger to tournament wins. His illustrious career includes 20 wins in the Grand Slam Men’s Singles, a record that he currently shares with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. He is also ranked 16th in the list of most successful players by the Association of Tennis Professionals.

While the owner of several Rolex watches, the one most commonly associated with Federer is the Oyster Perpetual Datejust II. He has long been a fan of this watch and often wears in at competitions, publicity events, and other activities associated with the game and with his relationship with Rolex.

Is Tiger Woods Sponsored by Rolex?

There’s no doubt that Tiger Woods is one of the most recognizable names in the golf world today. He first became associated with Rolex in 2011, the first year he was named as an ambassador. Currently, he wears one of several watches at different types of tournaments and other public events.

Rolex has other ambassadors who are also associated with the PGA. Some of the names have long histories within the sport while others have been around for a few years. One group of Rolex golf ambassadors is known as the New Guard; these are players who are beginning to come into prominence and have been named as brand ambassadors. As of 2020, Rolex is the most prominent of all watch brands to offer sponsorships in the world of golf.

The next time you are at a major sporting event, take the time to look around and see who is sponsoring the occasion. If it’s in the field of tennis, golf, and several other popular sports, there’s a good chance that you will find Rolex among the mix. Sit back, enjoy, and rest assured that the support given will help the game and the tournaments continue to be viable for fans in the years to come.

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Do You Need Rolex with Diamonds & Gems?

Do You Need Rolex with Diamonds & Gems?

Ask just about anyone to name a luxury watch brand, and the odds are high that the response will be Rolex. In fact, there are people who don’t think they’ve truly reached true success until they either own one or can at least afford one.

The choice of what type of Rolex to purchase remains a personal one. Some prefer basic designs while others like subtle touches or even something more ornamental. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Rolex that includes diamonds or other precious gems in the design. While it may not be a need, it’s certainly a legitimate want. To help you make up your mind, consider the answers to the following questions. What you think after reading them will provide more focus on finding the Rolex that’s right for you.

Does Rolex Use Real Diamonds?

You’ve seen lesser brands that advertise the use of diamonds in their designs, only to find out that they are really simulated diamonds. That’s not something you’ll have to be concerned with as you shop for a Rolex watch. There’s nothing fake about the materials used in these watches.

The documentation that comes with every authentic Rolex watch confirms that only real diamonds are used as part of the design. Taking things one step further, not any old diamond will do. Owing to the high standards that apply to every Rolex, the diamonds must also pass rigorous quality standards. You’re not just getting authentic diamond’s you’re getting diamonds that are among the best found in the industry.

How About Other Gems?

Diamonds aren’t the only precious stones that Rolex includes in their designs. As you look around at legacy options as well as lines that are still in production, you will find several different gems in use. Along with diamonds, you’ll find that rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are among the more popular options.

As with the diamonds, any gems used in Rolex watch designs must meet strict quality standards. All gems are assessed on the basis of clarity, color, and general condition. If something is a little cloudy or has some inherent flaw, it won’t be used.

What Parts of a Rolex Include Diamonds and Gems?

Different Rolex designs used diamonds or precious stones on different parts of their watches. The location and the quantity will vary depending on the design itself. The inclusion of those gems is to enhance the look of the watch while allowing the owner to enjoy all of the function that Rolex is famous for providing.

The watch face or dial is one location where diamonds may be placed. It’s also possible that the design will include a series of diamonds or other stones on the watch bezel. You may also find that the band or bracelet also comes with diamonds that match those used for the watch proper.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Diamonds On a Rolex?

Several factors influence the cost of adding diamonds to any Rolex design. The size of each diamond is one aspect that impacts the cost. Another has to do with the number of gems that are included in the design. Keep in mind that since only higher quality gems are used, that will also add to the overall expense.

In general, you can expect the cost of the diamonds or other gems to begin in the higher end of three figures. From there, you can expect the cost of each gem to reach up to five figures in value.

What Rolex Has The Most Diamonds?

While there is some debate on this point, the Rolex Pearlmaster is generally considered the design that sports the most diamonds. In particular, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster is often cited as the one with the most diamonds.

Looking at the watch, the potential buyer will note that the watch dial itself is covered with a series of small diamonds. The bezel sports a ring of larger diamonds that are of the same color and clarity. The remainder of the front of the watch body also sports diamonds that cover the entire surface. Finally, the bracelet includes two and in some generations three different sized diamonds that match those used for the watch body.

How Does Diamonds and Other Gems Impact the Value of Rolex Watches?

There are many Rolex watches on the market today that include diamonds and other gems, but those stones may or may not do much to help the watch appreciate in value. In some cases, the gems may actually lead to the watch being less valuable than it would be without them. The difference has to do with the quality of those gems and when they were included in the design.

Gems that are added during the original manufacturing process will have a positive impact on the watch’s value as the years pass. That’s because there is no doubt that the gems meet the quality standards set by the company. Other than shifts in the market that may affect the value of those gems in particular, you can expect the watch to appreciate in value.

The same is true if you have an original Rolex with a missing stone. If you have the stone replaced by an authorized Rolex dealer, it will meet the same quality standards as the rest. You can depend on it to support the watch’s continued appreciation.

Things are different if you opt for adding what’s known as aftermarket gems to your Rolex watch. These may or may not be up to Rolex standards, and they are more likely to hurt rather than help the watch’s value.

If you like the idea of owning a Rolex that includes diamonds or precious stones in the design, see what an authorized Rolex dealer has to offer. The ideal watch may be waiting for you right this minute.

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Steel Bracelet or Leather Band for Your Rolex?

Steel Bracelet or Leather Band for Your Rolex?

Your first decision was to invest in a Rolex watch. Even as you consider different legacy and contemporary designs, take the time to consider what sort of band or bracelet you prefer. There’s a lot to be said for owing a watch that sports a Rolex Jubilee bracelet. The same is true for a watch with a Rolex leather band. While you can always count on materials that are high in quality, one type may be better for you than the other. Here are some points to consider even as you continue the search for the perfect Rolex watch.

Steel or Leather in Humid Climates

The area where you live or spend most of your time is something to consider. That’s because some types of watch bands do better in dryer climates. Others are a good choice for climates with more humidity.

You’ll find that opting for a Rolex watch leather band works well in climates that tend to be less humid and enjoy moderate temperatures for most of the year. At the same time, a steel band works well in hot and humid climates as well as those that are dryer and cooler.

The Choice for Enjoying the Outdoors

You’re the type of person who likes to spend time outdoors whenever possible. It may be that you like to go camping when the chance presents itself. Maybe you love to spend weekends fishing or hunting. It could be that you’re a sun worshiper who loves to spend time working on a deep tan now and then.

Being outdoors does mean that opting for a Rolex Jubilee bracelet made using steel is a good choice. The material is not affected by perspiration and it is durable. You’ll also find that it’s easier to keep in pristine condition. You could opt for leather, but know that even the highest quality option will absorb odors that may be hard to remove over time. With a steel Rolex oyster bracelet, a through cleaning from time to time will do the trick.

Something for Everyday Wear at the Office

The office is a setting where you will find that going with a Rolex oyster leather band or a steel one will work equally well. That’s because the climate is controlled. From that perspective, you don’t have to be concerned about heat or humidity having an adverse effect on the band or bracelet as the years pass.

The focus here is on what is considered proper options for your workplace. The culture there will do more to determine the type of watch band or bracelet you choose than anything else. A more conservative setting will mean that you want to go with a simpler leather band design or opt for a steel bracelet that looks nice but doesn’t tend to call attention to your wrist.

And Something to Wear During Your Leisure Time

When it comes to your leisure time, it’s always nice to think about going with a more relaxed style. For going out to eat, dating, and in general spending time with people in different social settings, you may find that a leather band with some minor designs adequately represents your personality while also offering insights into your ability to recognize quality. In like manner, you will find that steel bands that work in the office also look nice in casual settings. Keep this in mind if you have a watch that needs a new band and you normally reserve that watch for fun time rather than work time. That will influence your choice of Rolex bracelet replacement as much as the design of the watch proper.

Don’t Forget Those More Formal Occasions

What about occasions that call for formal attire? That would be events like weddings, balls, testimonial dinners, and other events when tuxedos or suits of tails would be the right choice for your attire. Without a doubt, you want your watch to blend in perfectly.

In this setting, the discussion of Rolex Jubilee vs oyster bracelet vs leather has a lot to do with the design. If you have a dressy leather band, it will do fine in this type of setting. If not, something like a rose gold or even a combination of a gold and platinum finish will likely work well. You can also skip both of these options and go with a Rolex diamond bracelet for a bit of subtle flair.

Durability Matters

You’re used to Rolex providing quality that lasts for a long time. You’ll find that to be true with any type of leather or Rolex Super Jubilee bracelet. Eve so, you may find that watches intended for frequent use would do better to sport a Rolex Datejust Jubilee bracelet rather than a leather band.

The best leather will still show signs of wear over time. Even as those signs begin to appear, a steel bracelet will likely retain most if not all of its original appearance. That’s great for general wear, but it’s also important if you purchased the Rolex as an investment or a family keepsake. You can bet that the Rolex Submariner Jubilee bracelet will look nice when you decide to pass it on to the next generation.

Your Personal Tastes

While factors like climate, lifestyle, and working conditions do matter, the final choice boils down to your personal tastes. Some people aren’t fans of leather. If you fit into that category, then go with a steel bracelet. If you like classic leather designs, then opting for a vintage Rolex leather band may be right in your wheelhouse.

Along with appearance and your personal preferences, do keep the expense in mind. You do want a Rolex bracelet price that is at or near fair market value. If you look around, it won’t be hard to find a Rolex Jubilee bracelet for sale that happens to work well with your watch.

Whatever you have in mind, know that there’s a Rolex bracelet or band out there that’s the ideal fit for your lifestyle. Check out the options found at an authorized Rolex dealer and see what you think. Rest assured that the investment that you make today will yield benefits in the years to come.

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Do Vintage Rolex Watches Hold Their Value?

Do Vintage Rolex Watches Hold Their Value?

Recently, you came into the possession of what was described as a vintage Rolex. After having the watch appraised, it was confirmed that it is indeed a vintage watch. Now you’re wondering what the future holds for you and your journey with the Rolex. Can you expect it to hold it’s value, or maybe even increase in value over time? What factors impact the market value of the watch? Here is some information that will help you understand more about the asset that you’ve acquired.

Understanding What’s Meant by a Vintage Rolex

So what is considered a vintage Rolex? In general, everyone tends to agree that luxury watches that are at least a quarter-century old would qualify for this designation. You will find some experts who place the time frame a little lower; they tend to view any luxury watch that is more than two decades old as being vintage.

This means that if you have a Rolex that was released fifteen years ago, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will consider it to be a vintage timepiece yet. Instead, it will likely be referred to as old or possibly referred to as a classic. Generally, classic has more to do with the style than with the actual age, but it can be applied to watches that are well on the way to becoming vintage timepieces.

How a Vintage Watch Differs From an Antique Watch

Is vintage the same things as an antique watch? The answer is no. It’s true than an antique watch meets the qualifications for being a vintage timepiece, but not all vintage watches can qualify as antiques.

The difference has to do with the age of the watch. In order to be considered an antique, many experts require that a watch be at least one century old. There are watches that are several decades old, but they have not yet reached that century mark. The result is that as long as the watch is less than a hundred years old but also happens to be older than a quarter-century, it will be considered vintage rather than an antique.

Assessing the Current Value of a Vintage Rolex

It’s no secret that Rolex watches tend to appreciate in value. What’s not as commonly known is that not all Rolex watches appreciate at a uniform rate. A number of factors can influence how much value a watch gains over time. For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to have a vintage Rolex appraised rather than make any assumptions about how much it’s currently worth.

Perhaps you’ve done some checking around and find that some vintage Rolex watches are a lot less than others. Why are some vintage Rolex so cheap in comparison to others? Supply can have something to do with it. If the market is currently glutted with a large quantity of the same year and model, it will likely not be worth as much as a year and model that is difficult to find.

Another factor that can influence the value is the type of material used for the casing. Some watches use what’s known as Oystersteel, a special material that Rolex has used for specific collections. Others may use white gold, rose gold, gold, or platinum. Since those materials vary in terms of market value, a watch made with a casing and a bracelet in certain metals or alloys is likely to be valued in kind.

The Demand for Vintage Rolex Watches

The good news is that the market for vintage Rolex watches shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In fact, that demand has been consistent through a number of economic shifts and is likely to continue being a relatively sound investment. That’s good news for you if the plan is to hold on to the vintage Rolex that has come into your possession.

In a way, the presence of a market for imitations has helped to keep the demand for authentic vintage Rolex watches a little higher. No one wants to spend good money on what seems to be a Rolex and later find out that it’s nothing more than a well-crafted fake. The result is that serious buyers and collectors are more likely to only do business with retailers who are authorized to sell Rolex watches.

In order to keep up with the demand, Rolex does ensure there are authorized retailers found around the globe. At the same time, receiving this type of official recognition from Rolex requires more than a request on the part of the retailer. There are stringent qualifications that must be met in order to earn and maintain this coveted recognition. You can bet that authorized retailers ensure they remain in full compliance with those qualifications so they can continue to participate in the market and retain their reputations. 

Durability, Accuracy, and Rolex Watches

Another quality that has helped Rolex build such a strong reputation is the durability and accuracy of the watches. Only the finest materials go into the creation of a Rolex. Everything must be tested carefully before it enters into the manufacturing process. Even once a watch is finished, it must undergo a series of tests before it’s shipped to any retailer. Thanks to these rigorous standards, Rolex is known for creating timepieces with exceptional accuracy as well as a high level of durability.

That sounds great for new watches, but how do these factors impact their vintage counterparts? Are vintage Rolex reliable? The answer is yes. You can depend on a vintage Rolex to keep accurate time and to continue to hold it’s appearance and quality for decades. In fact, there are antique Rolex watches that are still in circulation and continue to work perfectly. 

Keep in mind proper care and maintenance is essential if you want to ensure your vintage Rolex retains that reliability and durability. This is not a timepiece you can take to a local watch repair service for a cleaning. Just as Rolex authorizes certain retailers to sell their watches, they also certify specific services to take care of cleanings and repairs. In some cases, the local official retailer is also the site where you can take the vintage Rolex in for cleanings and maintenance.

What Documentation and Packaging Mean for the Value of a Vintage Rolex

Right now, you’re focusing primarily on the vintage Rolex proper as the way to ascertain the value. What you may not realize is that the documentation and packaging that come with the watch also makes a difference. When you have the originals to go along with the watch, you can expect the market value for it to be a little higher.

This is because those additional elements help to reinforce the fact that the vintage Rolex is authentic. Rolex numbers each watch and prepares documentation that’s difficult to forge. Even faked documents that seem to be authentic at first will lack some of the qualifies found in the real thing. The same holds true for the packaging; what Rolex chooses for their packages is difficult and in come cases impossible for a forger to replicate.

Assuming you have the original documents and packaging to go with the watch, make sure you keep them in top condition. It’s not going overboard to make sure everything is protected from shifts in temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight. Just as the condition of the watch matters, the condition of the box and the documents are important.

The Future Prospects for Investing in Vintage Rolex Watches

Is a vintage Rolex any good for investment? Yes, you can depend on that watch to be a worthy investment. You can get an idea of what to expect based on the history of the year and model involved. When you see that it has a long history of appreciating in value, there’s a good chance it will continue to do so in the future.

Combine what you know about past performance under different market conditions with the current value of the watch. Together, you can create a reasonable projection of what it will be worth in five or ten years. If you like the direction of those projections, the watch is worth keeping.

Making the Choice That Works Best For You

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what happens with your vintage Rolex. Keep it and wear it from time to time. Take proper care of the watch and it will serve you well for decades. In the event that you do need to sell it in the future, rest assured that the watch is likely to be worth more then than it is worth today.

If you never need to sell it, pass it on to a loved one as part of your estate. You can bet that whomever receives the watch will appreciate that you chose them to receive such an important and valuable asset.

Contact us today and ask us about the vintage Rolex watches that we currently have in stock. There’s bound to be something that’s ideal for you.

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Rolex Wall Clock: Nice Present for Brand Aficionados

Rolex Wall Clock: Nice Present for Brand Aficionados

You know that Rolex is known for manufacturing some of the best luxury watches in the world. With more than a century of excellence, it’s no wonder that people think of Rolex when they think of quality watches. What you may not know is there are wall clocks out there that also bear the Rolex name.

If this comes as news to you, don’t feel alone. The fact is that many people who are aware of Rolex watches have never heard of Rolex wall clocks. There’s actually a good reason for that. Here are some basics that you need to know about the wall clocks, especially if you plan on purchasing one as an investment.

When Did Rolex Start Making Wall Clocks?

When someone mentions Rolex wall clocks, it’s inevitable that someone will take a step back and exclaim “does Rolex make a wall clock?”. The short answer to that question is no. Rolex has never made clocks for sale to the general public. While there is some folklore out there about some early experiments, there is no solid evidence that the company ever made and sold a clock.

This means that Rolex has never made clocks because they never started. This doesn’t mean you can’t find clocks that bear the Rolex name and sport some of the features that you see on different Rolex watch collections. There are some around that were made with the blessing of Rolex. In fact, there are still some being made today that have permission from Rolex to do so.

For several decades, Rolex has maintained a small list of authorized parties who manufacture Rolex wall clocks with their permission. Those parties agree to utilize materials that are in compliance with the standards that Rolex uses for the creation of their watches. Failure to maintain the quality is grounds for having this official recognition revoked.

How long have these types of agreements been in place? There is some difference of opinion as to when the first officially approved Rolex wall clock appeared. What most collectors agree on is that the clocks were appearing by the middle of the 20th century. Some of those are offered for sale today, as well as models that were produced more recently.

Finding Rolex Clocks in Public Places

Some of the earliest examples of mid-century wall clocks bearing the Rolex likeness are found in public and commercial buildings. Throughout the world, they may be found in different airports, train stations, and similar transport hubs. It’s possible to find them gracing walls in municipal buildings as well as in the headquarters of various large corporations.

The size of the wall clocks vary. Some of them would be small enough to fit on the wall of a neighborhood pub while others are large enough to be clearly read from a few hundred yards away. The size generally has to do with the reason for the original manufacture. Over the years, those authorized and licensed manufacturers were open to taking private orders that included using specific Rolex watch models as the inspiration for the clocks.

Rolex Wall Clocks and Private Collectors

There’s no doubt that the wall clocks have been a favorite of many collectors over the years. Some got their start when they received their first clocks in recognition of work-related anniversaries or as parting gifts when retiring. There is some evidence that the clocks were sometimes ordered as gifts for sales teams that reached or exceeded certain goals.

What is known is that older wall clocks don’t come on the market that often. When they do, collectors tend to buy them quickly. Anyone who would like to own this type of wall clock today may have to settle for one of the newer ones made by one of the authorized Rolex partners.

If you happen to know someone who collects these clocks, don’t be discouraged by the relatively low availability. It may take some time and effort, but you can find clocks made by licensed parties from time to time. When you do, snap it up and set is aside as a gift for your loved one. It will be appreciated.

Rolex Quality Standards and the Wall Clocks

One of the requirements that Rolex has in place for licensing a manufacturer to make the clocks has to do with the materials used. While they don’t have to be exactly the same as those used for the watches, the quality has to be similar. The point is to ensure that the wall clocks don’t end up reflecting poorly on the reputation that Rolex maintains around the world.

In some cases, materials that are not used for the watches may be used in the clocks. For example, there are mid-century Rolex wall clocks that are made using fine wood for the main body. These are augmented with metal arms and other features that are in line with what’s used for the watches. The result is a product that is attractive, high in quality, and likely to last for a long time. In fact, there are wall clocks of this type that were made in the 1950s and are still in use.

Distinguishing Fake Rolex Clocks from Those Made By Authorized Sources

As can be expected, the fact that there are properly licensed companies making wall clocks with the approval of Rolex means you can find imitations in a number of markets. Some of them are so poorly designed that one look is all it takes to know that Rolex had nothing to do with the manufacture. Other counterfeits require closely scrutiny.

Typically, you can expect a fake wall clock to keep less accurate time. The materials used are likely to be lesser in quality. The general construction may be little better than what you would expect from a wall clock sold at a discount store. In general, these “authentic” Rolex wall clocks will sell for less than a wall clock made by a licensed party.

How do you know which brand is best for a wall clock? Rolex does maintain a listing of current and past licensed wall clock makers. It’s easy to contact an official Rolex retailer and find out if the manufacturer of a particular wall clock is on either of those lists. If not, then you know you are dealing with a counterfeit.

Remember that a fake may be fine for someone who just likes the look. It won’t do well for someone who happens to be a collector of all things related to Rolex. Make sure the wall clock you’re considering is the real deal, and both of you will be a lot happier.

What You Can Expect to Pay for a Rolex Wall Clock

How much does a Rolex wall clock cost? Prices will vary based on factors like demand, size, and age. The materials used will also have some bearing on the price. In general, you will find that wall clocks made by properly licensed manufacturers will go in the upper four-figure range to the lower five-figure range.

You can use this information as another way to tell if the clock is made by a licensed party or if it’s a quickly manufactured fake. If you see what is claimed to be a Rolex wall clock offered for a few thousand dollars, it’s likely a fake that’s not worth adding to a collection.

The Care and Maintenance of a Rolex Wall Clock

How do I keep my Rolex wall clock on time? Maintenance is the key to keeping the clock in top condition. Since Rolex does not manufacture the clocks, you’re not likely to find them serviced by the same centers that handle maintenance and repairs to Rolex watches.

That doesn’t mean you want to take your collectible clock to any repair service. The most practical way to keep it in good condition is to contact the licensed party who manufactured the clock. That party is likely to maintain a list of service centers that can help with the upkeep and any repairs that your clock may need.

Even though Rolex doesn’t make the clocks, there are collectors out there who highly prize the and actively look for any models that are made with the permission of Rolex. This is especially true for models that would now be considered vintage wall clocks. If you happen to own one and would like to sell it, there’s a good chance that at least one collector would be happy to talk with you.

Contact us today to learn more about Rolex wall clocks, how to find authorized and licensed manufacturers, and the features that will help you find a clock that’s right for you. Our staff is always ready to help.

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Exploring Rolex Nicknames: Pepsi, Root Beer, Hulk and the Others

Exploring Rolex Nicknames: Pepsi, Root Beer, Hulk and the Others

One of the qualities that humans possess is the ability to come up with all sorts of terms of endearment. Just as you likely have nicknames for some of the people you’re closest to or something fun to call your vehicle, it’s not unusual for owners of Rolex watches to come up with some fun nicknames for their favorite watches.

Typically, the nicknames pick up on some attribute associated with specific styles and designs for different Rolex watches. When you realize the inspiration for those names, they suddenly make a lot of sense. While it’s true that you will never see the nicknames used in any official documentation, it’s a safe bet that the following will be heard when Rolex enthusiasts gather to discuss the brand. They may also show up in descriptions found on buyer guides. For this reason, it pays to get to know those nicknames a little better.

The Rolex Batman

It’s hard to imagine anyone who has not heard of Batman before. The character has been the subject of movies, television shows and of course comic books for decades. As a man of action and one with a past that is sometimes shrouded in mystery, Batman conjures up images of mystery as well as being true to the cause of right.

It should come as no surprise that has led to the first watches featuring ceramic bezels to be referred to as the Batman. Part of the reasoning is the color scheme. A combination of black and blue hearken back to the hues of Batman’s costume. It doesn’t hurt that the watch design is sleek and functional, much like the utility belt and the equipment associated with the character. The steel casing looks like it would easily be at home on the wrist of Bruce Wayne or any of his successors in the Batman story line.

The Rolex Hulk

A more recent addition to the Rolex family, a watch with this nickname is often a Submariner that’s outfitted with a green face as well as a green bezel. The green used is more vibrant than what was used with a more established Rolex with the nickname of the Kermit. While you may think that this alone would be enough to earn the name, there’s one more factor to consider.

As fans will know, the Hulk appears when the character becomes angry. The transformation makes the character bigger in stature. A Rolex sporting this shade of green is also likely to have a slightly larger body. The bigger casing is one more reason why this watch ended up with such a fun nickname. Unlike the superhero, you won’t have to worry about your watch shrinking back to a smaller size once the excitement is over.

The Rolex Kermit

Speaking of green, the Kermit is easily one of the most recognizable Rolex watches around. Originally released in 2003 is recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Submariner line, it sports a green that’s the same shade as the legendary Sesame Street puppet.

This design does sport a green bezel, hence the Kermit reference. It’s usually paired with a black face and luminescent characters on the dial. Like any Submariner, this model provides ample water resistance and is one of the larger cases offered by Rolex. A stainless steel band completes the look that’s both sporty as well as being a lot of fun.

The Rolex Smurf

What do you think about when discussions of Papa Smurf develop? If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is the color blue. Specifically, a shade known as Smurf Blue is likely to be what you think about. You can bet that this shade is what leads to the inspiration for the Rolex Smurf.

Once again, the bezel is the portion that sports this unique color. As part of the Submariner line, it can come with a blue face or a black one. Since the line as discontinued in 2020, it’s now becoming quite the collector’s edition. As with all Submariner Rolex designs, it includes features that make it a versatile watch. At the same time, the unique blue is sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees it.

The Rolex Coke

Not all nicknames for Rolex watches are based on superheroes, cartoon characters, or puppets. Some of them have to do with beverages as well. There’s no better example of this than the Rolex Coke.

Interestingly enough, the Coke was not the first Rolex to be nicknamed after a beverage. When the GMT-Master II was released in 1983, one of the more noticeable features was the bezel design. It included the use of black and red, looking a great deal like the packaging on cans or bottles of Coca-Cola. Just as most people will refer to the soda by the nickname of Coke, it wasn’t long before enthusiasts had decided to follow suit with the watch.

There were other nicknames for the GMT-Master II that made the rounds, but never gained the popularity of the Coke. One was the Sophia Loren and was inspired by the figure of this noted actress who enthralled audiences for decades. The wider case shape of the watch was associated with the full-figured curves that Loren sported for most of her career. There was also a less popular nickname, with the watch known as the Fat Lady. The latter didn’t last long among enthusiasts.

The Rolex Pepsi

Just as the colors inspired the nickname for the Rolex Coke, the same is true for the Rolex Pepsi. As part of the GMT-Master and the GMT-Master II line, these watches made use of the same red and blue combination that’s been a hallmark of Pepsi for decades.

At the time the original GMT-Master line was introduced in the 1950s, there was another contender for the nickname of choice. At the time, red and blue was also a color combination used by one of the most widely-known airlines in the world: Pan Am. Even with the popularity of the airline, it wasn’t long before people tended to pick up on the Pepsi connection and run with it. While there are plans to discontinue the latest short run of this line before 2021 is over, there’s no doubt that this nickname will linger as collectors snap up any of these watches they can find.

The Rolex Root Beer

In between the release of the Rolex Pepsi and the Rolex Coke, soda once again became the inspiration for a nickname. That was the case with the Rolex Root Beer. Also part of the GMT-Master II line, the colors were what led to the fanciful name. The combination of a warm brown paired with an equally appealing cream makes the bezel look a bit like a tall cool glass of root beer with a nice creamy head on top. Specifically, the bezel sports the brown while the dial includes the cream accents.

The original design for the Root Beer Master II line was discontinued in 2006. While some thought that was the end of the Root Beer, things didn’t turn out that way. A short run was released just a few years ago, although with a few changes.

After more than a decade, a new generation of Root Beers came into being. In 2018, models made using slightly muted shades of brown that would tend to blend in with the black facing in certain lighting conditions appeared on the scene. This new offering also included bracelets that made use of rose gold for the first time. The bright bezel colors of years past remain part of the design and make the nickname still relevant.

If you hear a nickname for any Rolex watch design, there’s usually some reason behind it. Take the time to learn more about those nicknames and what they mean. As you begin to look around for the next Rolex to add to your collection, understand what’s behind the nicknames will be one more way to decide if that particular style is right for you.



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5 Tips That Will Make Finding the Right Rolex Watch Easier

5 Tips That Will Make Finding the Right Rolex Watch Easier

5 Tips That Will Make Finding the Right Rolex Watch Easier

You’re on a mission to find the right Rolex watch. In order to keep yourself on task, it makes sense to ask yourself a few questions first. The answers to those questions will help you focus on what you really want as well as narrow the range of choices to professionals who know all there is to know about selling Rolex watches in New York to people who truly appreciate them. Here are some tips and questions that will help aid in the search.

Legitimate Sellers Only

Did you know that not just any retailer can sell Rolex watches? Even if you’re looking for a previously owned one, there are still qualifications to meet. Being aware of this fact and choosing to deal only with professionals who sell authenticated Rolex watches protects you in more than one way.

This approach does prevent you from becoming the proud owner of a counterfeit Rolex watch. There are clever fakes out there and the last thing you want to do is spend good money on one. A reputable dealer will be able to authenticate the watch. At the same time, that dealer will also be able to confirm that the watch is in proper working order. You won’t get any such guarantee from a counterfeiter.

Something to Wear or Something to Collect?

What’s the plan for this newly-acquired watch? Do you plan on wearing it to work or on occasions when you meet with important clients? Will it serve as the watch that you wear for leisure as well as business? Could it be that you don’t plan to wear it often, but like the idea of having a Rolex as an investment?

Understanding what you have in mind for the watch will help further refine your watch. If it’s to collect, your focus will likely be on designs that are known to appreciate significantly in value as the years pass. When the plan is to own something that will increase in value but will be worn on a regular basis, factors other than appreciation may be more important.

Features You Consider Important

For example, you plan on wearing the watch most of the time. That means you may want to concentrate the search on models that come with specific features. The goal is to select a Rolex that offers features that you will use on a regular basis.

Maybe a model that can help you keep up with the correct local time as you change time zones would be good. Perhaps you need something with a certain amount of water resistance. A unidirectional bezel may be handy, especially if the watch sports a luminescent hour markers. Make a list of the features that the Rolex must have and then ask about designs that include them.

The Look That You Want

Looks do matter even when you want to ensure certain features are present. Maybe you like the look of rose gold versus stainless steel. Perhaps an oyster bracelet is what you prefer. It could be that you’re looking for watches with a certain color for the watch face. All of these element can influence the watch that you buy.

After looking around you may find that the Rolex Presidential model for sale has the look and the features that you desire. If not, it could be that a Submariner or a Datejust is more in line with what you want. The right dealer will have several different types of Rolex watches and will be happy to show you all the ones that seem to fit in with your basic requirements.

The Price Range You’re Seeking

You’re not afraid to spend money for a Rolex, but you do want to enjoy competitive pricing. There are legitimate dealers who offer Rolex watches in multiple price ranges. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are watches in the four-figure range. You can actually go up to the six-figure range if you like.

Whatever the price range that you want to focus on, there are bound to be options that will meet your needs. By providing the dealer with information about what you want in the watch, it’s easier to make recommendations that fit your preferences as well as your budget.

Now is the time to begin looking for the type of Rolex that you desire. Choose the dealer as carefully as you choose the watch, and the outcome will be a happy one.



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3 Style Tips on How to Wear a Luxury Watch

3 Style Tips on How to Wear a Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are the perfect way to elevate your style. Made from some of the finest materials in the world and by the finest jewelers, elegant timepieces should be enjoyed as often as possible.
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