Classic Women Wedding band 👰

Classic Women Wedding Band

Classic Women Wedding band

Classic Women Wedding band are perfect addition to beautiful wedding ceremony. One-of-a-kind bride in a stunning wedding dress and a lucky groom standing next to each other. The members of the wedding. The sea of flowers. The Mystery of Marriage felts in the air. There is an old saying: marriages are made in heaven. And finally, the young marrieds say the magic words: “I do”. The bride and the groom have placed the wedding bands on their ring fingers.

Classic 18k White Gold Wedding Bands
Classic 18k White Gold Wedding Bands

The Meaning of the Wedding Bands

People believe that the oldest recorded exchange of wedding bands comes from ancient Egypt. In those distant times and today, such an exchange had and has a mystery and sacred meaning. Then, as the saying goes: «The wedding band has no beginning and no ending» and is therefore a symbol of infinity. For example the wedding band represents the unbroken circle of love and the union of husband and wife for time and for all eternity. For instance in those times of ancient Egypt, this jewelry meant the union of the Moon and the Sun, that is, a union of Yin and Yang. The material of which the wedding bands are made is also important. Significant jewelry made from precious metal means serious intentions.

Plain Platinum Wedding band
Plain Platinum Wedding band

People become extremely superstitious when it comes to jewelry

Furthermore, when it comes to this jewelry, people become extremely superstitious about it. And that’s entirely natural. Here are some of the superstitious beliefs about the wedding bands:

  1. Firstly, the heavy jewelry means future family’s wealth and prosperity.
  2. Secondly, if you touch the wedding band of the bride or the groom at the wedding, then very soon you will become the quest of honor of the same celebration.
  3. Thirdly, to wear the parents’ wedding bands is to repeat the family path traveled by them.
  4. Fourthly, if, God forbid, the wedding band is lost, then it may be a shot across the bow to divorce or separation.
  5. Finally, the cases when bride or groom drops the wedding band lead to the breach of faith.

Moreover, it is strictly not recommended to allow your friends to try on your wedding band. This would entail misfortunes to the one who gave the wedding band to wear, and the one who put someone else’s wedding band on his or her finger.

18k Yellow Gold Wedding bands set
18k Yellow Gold Wedding bands set

Why is it better to choose the Classic wedding band?

Today, the jewelry market offers a huge range of wedding bands, charged with symbolism. However, the time-honored Classic wedding band remains at the top of the wedding fashion. And it is quite understandable, because this kind of stays on the finger forever. That is why it should be quite elegant and appropriate in combination with the full dress; at the same time, it should fit ordinary jeans and a T-shirt.

A Classic wedding band shall not necessarily has absolute minimalism style. There exist many different variations. Ideally, the traditional Classic Women Wedding band is a smooth, rounded undecorated product. Its thickness is about three millimeters.

Classic wedding band should be perfectly smooth

Moreover, it is important to know that the Classic wedding band should be perfectly smooth, if you dream of a quiet measured married life. Different roughness on it raise challenges for the newly-married.

Undoubtedly, Classic wedding bands can be made of titanium, tungsten, copper, tin or silver. However, the traditional material used is gold and platinum. More often, the future newlyweds choose the first option. Modern jewelry art offers a variety of shades of this precious metal – white, yellow, pink, red and even black. The color of gold is changing by adding a variety of impurities – copper, silver, rhodium.

18k White Gold Wedding bands
18k White Gold Wedding bands

In conclusion, at client’s request, the Diamond Source NYC is ready to make a very special jewelry. This means a harmonious combination of several types of gold:

  • the combination of white and pink gold looks very gently;
  • the brighter red gold goes well with black one;
  • the combination of catchy yellow with red gold looks just as good.

Get in touch with Diamond Source NYC if you are awaiting a touching celebration and we will select for your couple the most elegant Classic wedding bands, ideal for both the bride and the groom.

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